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Horasis Announce Details of First In-person Annual India Meeting

The annual India conference will bring together leaders to deliberate on how innovation can be applied to meet the challenges confronting humanity

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VIETNAM: Horasis, a global innovations community aimed at providing solutions to determine and inspire our future, announces the details of its annual India meeting today.

The meeting is scheduled to convene this year from September 25th to 26th in Binh Duong New City, Vietnam, where global business leaders from emerging world markets will debate the most pertinent issues of the day and facilitate discussions of sustainable growth.

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Co-hosted by Binh Duong Province and the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), this year’s meeting will be a gathering place for over 300 of the most senior members of the Horasis community, who will bring their ideas and innovations to the table to figure out solutions to bolster India’s future.

Delegates from India and abroad will also discuss Vietnam’s role as a hub for expansion into Southeast Asia as the rapidly modernising nation moves into the next phase of its Đổi Mới economic industrialisation plan. The meeting’s main sponsor will be Becamex IDC.

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Amid the ongoing crises of volatile geopolitical tensions and severed ties between supply chains and manufacturing networks in global markets, world leaders are in dire stress as economic distress piles on further. Delegates at the meeting will look to Indian and Vietnamese resourcefulness and efficiency to raise potential solutions.

Important topics for this year’s sessions will focus on revitalising India’s government decision-making and its business decision-making apparatuses.

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Moreover, the discussions will also include talks of lessons learnt over the past 2 years of the debilitating pandemic and what lies ahead for the future of industries, including manufacturing, sustainability, and digital currencies, among others.

Founded in 2009 by Dr Frank Jurgen-Richter, the Horasis Annual India Meet has become the foremost annual meeting of Indian business leaders and their global counterparts.

This year’s session anticipates the attendance of high-ranking Vietnamese and Indian politicians, business leaders, and other public figures at multiple leadership sessions held across the two days of meetings.

With 2022’s India meeting, Horasis delegates will be provided with a platform to discuss the most significant issues related to the Indian economy, shared with the audience of esteemed and high-performing business and government decision-makers.

About Horasis:

The Global Visions Community is an autonomous international organisation dedicated to inspiring our future. Horasis hosts annual meetings to interact and discuss solutions to the most critical challenges facing multinational corporations today.

Flagship events include the annual Horasis Global Meeting as well as regional summits focusing on China, India, and Southeast Asia.

For more information visit [email protected], or contact the Chairman, Dr. Frank-Jurgen Richter, +41 79 305 3110.

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