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India And Denmark Commits To “Green Strategic Partnership” In A Bi-Lateral Virtual Summit

India and Denmark launch "Green Strategic Partnership" to fight against climate change

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Ishita Chakraborty
Ishita Chakraborty
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INDIA. India and Denmark decided to boost their bilateral ties through a “Green Strategic Partnership” on Monday. Prime Ministers of both countries took this decision in a virtual summit. Denmark offered pollution controls strategies and solutions to India during the summit.

The two prime ministers have acknowledged the importance of establishing the “Green Strategic Partnership”.Under this, India and Denmark will cooperate through relevant ministries, institutions and stakeholders.

The virtual summit between India and Denmark

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During his opening remarks, PM Modi highlighted the importance to develop alternatives to the current global supply chain which is heavily dependent on countries like China.

Prime Minister, Narendra Modi indicated that the virtual discussion with Denmark went beyond pollution control initiatives and partnerships. He also mentioned the extensive reform in the manufacturing, labour, regulatory and taxation sectors.

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PM Modi further appreciated the active participation of Denmark at the Vibrant Gujarat Summit since 2009. The main motive behind the summit was to discuss controlling stubble burning and air pollution.

Neeta Bhushan, Joint Secretary, Central Europe in the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), confirmed that the issues were discussed at the high-level meeting.

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In a statement, Neeta Bhushan said, “Danish companies have niche technology in these areas and they have offered to help us in meeting our targets of reducing air pollution. Danish companies are already in talks with Indian companies on how to take things forward.”

India’s future collaboration plans with Denmark

India is planning to strengthen its ties with Denmark in every sector. However, besides technology and manufacturing, India is attempting to build closer ties with Denmark for strategic reasons.

Denmark is still a leading player in the group of five Nordic countries. Norway, Sweden, Finland and Ireland are a part of this group with Denmark. All these countries are interested to get hold of the opportunities linked to the Arctic Sea.

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Denmark is the only Nordic country along with seven other countries that have made a maritime fray in the Straits of Hormuz. For this, Denmark is getting active assistance from the UAE. India has a good relationship with the UAE. Therefore, the partnerships of UAE with both countries are beneficial to strengthen ties between Denmark and India.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister of Denmark, Mette Frederiksen has proposed to host the second “Knowledge Summit.” According to the reports, if the COVID-19 situation normalizes then PM Modi will visit Denmark for the summit. 

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