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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Indian Government Gives Approval to Esports as a Multi-sport Event

India is a home for a large number of gamers and gaming content creators

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Aditya Saikrishna
Aditya Saikrishna
I am 21 years old and an avid Motorsports enthusiast.

INDIA: The Indian government has formally acknowledged Esports as a multi-sport event. The term basically refers to competitive video games played before a crowd that is now officially recognized as sports.

Department of Sports under the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports will handle Esports

The official notes state that since the “athletes” utilize their physical and mental abilities to compete in various electronic sports events, the video games fall under the competitive spectator sports category. 

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As the Indian Esports industry has advocated for such official recognition for some time, this represents a significant shift.

Since the umbrella term “Gaming” will also be included in the official multi-sport sections, competitive gaming will now have a much more depth structure. 

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Subsequently, the ministry will likewise treat all competitions with a similar gravity as some other type of actual contest. 

Additionally, this move will push the region’s gaming industry and help create a more vibrant electronic sports environment. After hosting the Asian Games and the Commonwealth Games, India is now poised to become a formidable Esports competitor.

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The industry has maintained that electronic sports, is a competitive sporting event in which the Esports “athletes” use their physical and mental skills to compete in specific video game genres in an electronic, virtual setting.

“Great news for us to begin the New Year,” says Lokesh Suji, Director of the Esports Federation of India and Vice President of the Asian Esports Federation (AESF). He says that the organization pushed the government hard to distinguish electronic sports from iGaming and that the move rewards their efforts. 

He expressed his pleasure over the announcement made by the Indian government, led by PM Narendra Modi. Suji was hopeful that the move would provide additional investment opportunities in this burgeoning sector.

According to the most recent data from the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI), the decision will have far-reaching effects on India’s electronic sports sector.

The recognition of Esports is a significant boost for the country’s electronic sports industry, which is home to over 43 Crore mobile gamers and is projected to grow to 65 crores by 2025.

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