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MEA S.Jaishankar Clarifies, World Somewhat Accepts India’s Position on Buying Russian Oil

MEA said, “It is my obligation, my moral duty to ensure that I get them the best deal”

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INDIA/RUSSIA: India’s External Affairs Minister S.Jaishankar, while addressing an interaction with the Indian community in Bangkok noticed that the lion’s share of suppliers have shifted their supplies to Europe as the state is buying less oil from Russia.

The former Indian bureaucrat made his appearance at the 9th India-Thailand Joint Commission Meeting. He made it clear that the United States and other nations may dislike India’s position on buying Russian oil for the fact that, New Delhi has not been conscious of its decision, but made other countries realise the obligation it has to its people.

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The MEA said, “Once you lay out very openly and honestly, people accept it. They may not always appreciate it but once it is there and you are not trying to be too clever about it, you have laid out your interest in a very direct manner, I sense that the world somewhat accepts that as reality.”

Adding more into it he said, “I do see that, not just in the United States– but including the US– that they know what our position is and they move on with that.”

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The minister takes a call over the increasing prices of petroleum and natural gases, and further added on by saying, “Oil prices are unreasonably high and so are the gas prices. A lot of traditional suppliers to Asia are diverting to Europe because Europe is buying less oil from Russia.”

He further said,” It is a situation today where every country will try to get the best deal possible for its citizens, to try to cushion the impact of these high energy prices. And that is exactly what we are doing.” 

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He even answered when asked about the backdrop of India continuing to buy Russian oil. Brushing all queries he stated, “We are not doing it defensively. We are being very open and honest about our interests. I have a country which has a per capita income of two thousand dollars. These are not people who can afford higher energy prices. It is my obligation, my moral duty to ensure that I get them the best deal.”

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