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Israeli Dilemma Persists as Sacked Minister Ostensibly Continues to Refuse Resignation

Benjamin Netanyahu announced a delay to the measures on Monday evening

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ISRAEL: Israeli politics are in a state of upheaval due to suspicions that Benjamin Netanyahu may have made unwise promises to far-right MPs in exchange for a deal to cease mass protests and doubts about whether a sacked defence minister is refusing to resign.

The prime minister announced a delay to the measures on Monday evening, saying he wanted more time to work out a deal with political opponents as the 12-week protest campaign against his plans to diminish the power of the judiciary came to a head.

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When Yoav Gallant, Netanyahu’s defence minister, broke ranks by publicly calling for an end to the reform, the crisis over the weekend had already descended into near pandemonium.

Seething rage has been temporarily subdued by Netanyahu’s announcement. After his address, the major labour union in the nation called off the strike, and Tuesday in Israel was largely calm.

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Later on Tuesday, concerns were nonetheless being voiced regarding Netanyahu’s authority over and credibility within his ruling coalition, which consists of a range of rightwing nationalists, religious authorities, and far-right firebrands.

Gallant was not notified of his termination, and no quick comments were made by Netanyahu’s or Likud’s spokespeople. The ruling coalition is introducing a law to give Netanyahu more control over the selection of judges in response to accusations that he has been lying.

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Netanyahu’s detractors accused him of breaking his commitment, leading to criticism from former finance minister Avigdor Lieberman. Netanyahu had to compromise with the far-right to create a “national guard” to appease national security minister Itamar Ben-Gvir, who supported the judicial reform law.

Critics questioned whether Netanyahu had made an empty pledge to create a militia. The extreme right has been bought off by the prime minister with a pledge to form a militia that will pose a threat to Israeli civilians, especially anti-coup protesters, as long as his government remains in power, according to the country’s news reports.

Israelis were urged to “keep up the pressure on Netanyahu until he scraps the coup,” the statement said.

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