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Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard: Violent Video Footage Shown in the Second Week of Actor’s Defamation Trial

On the third day of Depp's hearing in Virginia, the court was given a series of explicit and violent text messages he had sent regarding Heard

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UNITED STATES: The jury was shown video and audio of the actor’s allegedly violent episodes during the second week of Johnny Depp’s defamation case against his former wife Amber Heard.

In one scene, Depp can be seen slamming kitchen cabinets shut and pouring himself a huge glass of wine before becoming enraged at being videotaped by Heard.

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The actor, who is dressed in a feathered hat and heavy shades, appears to be in pain as he swears and kicks objects. Depp revealed on Thursday that he had “assaulted a couple of cabinets,” despite his denials of violently beating Aquaman star Amber Heard.

Heard can be heard repeatedly screaming “please don’t hurt yourself” in another audio tape as Depp threatens to cut himself with a knife.

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The evidence was shown on the third day of Depp’s hearing in Virginia, during which the court was also given a series of explicit and violent text messages he had sent regarding Heard.

“Let’s burn Amber,” Depp remarked to actor Paul Bettany in a 2013 text message.

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“Let’s drown her before we burn her. I will f*** her burnt corpse afterward to make sure she’s dead.”

Much of the evidence presented thus far in the trial has revolved around his usage of drugs when the two were together, which Heard’s lawyers claim provoked violent episodes.

Depp earlier testified that Heard’s actions “motivated” him to use drugs and that she had not been “supportive” of his sobriety efforts.

Bettany said he had drunk “all night” before picking up Heard to fly to Los Angeles in a later discussion with the actress, which was also displayed to the court.

“Ugly, mate… No food for days… Powders… Half a bottle of Whiskey, a thousand red bull, and vodkas, pills, 2 bottles of Champers on plane,” the message read.

Heard’s lawyer Benjamin Rottenborn asked Depp if he met the requirements of a “southern gentleman” before showing the video, audio, and text exchanges.

“When you have deep, deep roots in the south… you’re raised to be a southern gentleman, that is to say when chivalry was still alive and allowed,” Depp responded.

“I believe I do (live up to the standards), I have certainly done my best all my life.”

He later stated that he had “strayed” from such principles at times and that it was a “natural, primal” thing to do.

The actor is suing Heard for libel for a 2018 story she wrote for The Washington Post that, according to his lawyers, falsely suggests he sexually and physically abused her.

Rottenborn reminded Depp on Wednesday that the lawsuit was not based on anything the actress had done prior to authoring the article.

When the trial in Fairfax County District Court resumes on Monday, Depp will continue to testify.

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