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Jungkook and Suga’s ‘Stay Alive’ Claimed the No.1 Spot in Just Six Hours

After just fourteen hours, Stay Alive reached the No.1 spot on iTunes Top Songs in 8 countries

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SOUTH KOREA: BTS’ member Jungkook’s 7 Fates Chakho OST, produced by fellow band-member Suga, has achieved a new corner. On February 11, Jungkook released the song Stay Alive, the soundtrack of BTS’s original webtoon and unknown 7 Fates.

In just three hours since its release, Stay Alive soared to the top of iTunes’ top song maps in 51 regions of the world, and after six hours, it had become the fastest song by any Korean soloist in history to hit No.1 in 80 different areas.

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After just fourteen hours, Stay Alive reached the No 1 spot on iTunes Top Songs maps in Japan, the United States, United Kingdom, France, Canada, Australia, the Netherlands, and Germany.

7 Fates Chakho is a futuristic civic fantasy inspired by Joseon Dynasty’s tiger-hunting officers called chakhogapsa. It narrates the tale of seven boys connected by fate as they battle rigors together and grow up in the process. With their fates deeply intertwined with the barracuda, the seven members produce a barracuda stalking platoon called Cha Kho, and together they go against the world. It was released on January 15.

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The BTS members have achieved new palms with their solo songs. V’s song “Christmas Tree” debuted at No.1 position on the Billboard Digital Song Deals map. With this, V became the first Korean soloist to ever debut at No.1 on Billboard’s Digital Song Deals Map with a solo song.

The only other Korean artist to debut at the No.1 position on the map is BTS’ Suga in collaboration with Juice WRLD. Currently, BTS is on a break and is anticipated to return to work by March.

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