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Monday, October 2, 2023

Kangana Ranaut Talks about Pay Disparity, Shares Priyanka Chopra’s Interview on Insta Handle

Kangana admitted that she was the first one to fight for pay parity in Bollywood

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INDIA: Kangana Ranaut, who is known for her bold and fierce statements, yet again made it to the headlines. Kangana recently hit the subject of Pay Discrimination in Bollywood, by sharing her views on her social media handle.  

Kangana reacted to an old interview of Priyanka Chopra via her Instagram story. In the interview, Priyanka highlighted the pay disparity in Bollywood and how she was never paid equally to her male co-star.

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Kangana opted to her Instagram story and posted the video of the Citadel actress and wrote, “It’s true women before me simply submitted to these patriarchal norms… I was the first one to fight for pay parity, and the most disgusting thing that I faced while doing this was that my contemporaries offered to work for free on the same roles that I was negotiating for..”

She further added, “I can say with confidence most A-listers (women) do films for free along with offering other favours because they fear roles will go to the right people… and then shrewdly release articles that they are the highest paid, haha…”

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The Emergency actress thus concluded by writing, “In the film industry, everyone knows that only I get paid like male actors and no one else… and they have no one else to blame, at least now.”

In a renowned broadcasting channel, Priyanka vocalized how she has worked on more than 60 films in Bollywood, and she gets paid about 10 percent of my male co-actor. 

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Priyanka added, “It (the pay gap) is substantially large, and so many girls still deal with that.” 

Priyanka subsequently admitted that her skin colour had been a barrier to her career in Bollywood.

Talking about Kangana and Priyanka, both starred in Madhur Bhandarkar’s directorial Fashion (2008). On the work front, Chopra was recently featured in Prime Video’s Citadel series and the Queen actress is set to act as well as direct the upcoming film Emergency.

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