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Global Banker Anshu Jain Dies Of Cancer, at the Age Of 59

Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Deutsche Bank says, Anshu played a key role in expanding Deutsche Bank's position in our global business with companies and institutional investors

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INDIA: The most prominent figure in the global market and business, Anshu Jain breathed his last on August 13, Saturday. The tycoon of the capital market lived an extravagant life travelling from Jaipur to Europe’s financial giant Deutsche Bank.

He made impossible things easily possible in the field of marketing. His contribution to the development of global capital markets business is immense, including his exceptional achievement in upholding Deutsche Bank. His hard work paid off in the form of numerous prestigious worldwide awards.

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In the year 2009, Jain was appointed to Deutsche Bank’s Management Board. He was solemnly responsible for the Corporate and Investment Bank division from 2010. He was the CEO of the bank from the year 2012 to 2015. He left a footprint in the field of Global banking.

Jain was suffering from Cancer, the long-time ailment took away his life. His family confirmed the grief by saying, “We are deeply saddened that our beloved husband, son and father… passed away overnight after a fierce, five-year battle with duodenal cancer,” Jain’s family said in a statement. The family statement said that he outlived his initial diagnosis by four years. “To his last day, Anshu stood by his life-long determination not to be a static.”

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The Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Deutsche Bank, Alexander Wynaendts, remembers Jain as being extraordinary. He says, “Anshu Jain played a key role in expanding Deutsche Bank’s position in our global business with companies and institutional investors. Today, this is of strategic importance not just for Deutsche Bank, but for Europe as a financial centre.”

Whereas the present CEO of Deutsche Bank said, “Anyone who worked with Anshu experienced a passionate leader of intellectual brilliance. His energy and loyalty to the bank left a great impression on many of us. Our thoughts and sympathies go out to his wife, his children and his mother. We will honour his memory.”

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