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Kerala Confirms India’s First Death from Monkeypox Virus

According to the State Health Minister of Kerala, the deceased had tested positive for monkeypox in the UAE before he reached the state

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INDIA: Kerala has been the hotspot for the Monkeypox outbreak since numerous positive cases have been recorded from the state. Out of five cases, four positive cases are reported from Kerala and one in Delhi. Recently, Kerala confirmed its first death case resulting from Monkeypox.

The 23-year-old youth hailed from Chavakkad Kuranjiyur in Thrissur district and tested positive from the UAE.

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State Health Minister Veena George in an official statement said, “The result of the test conducted in the foreign country was positive. He sought treatment in Thrissur due to severe fatigue and encephalitis and Monkeypox is not a fatal disease.”

According to the Minister, the deceased had tested positive for monkeypox in the UAE before he reached Kerala.

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The health department also called for a meeting in Punnayur, in connection with the death. George reportedly called for an inquiry into this case. WHO has already declared Monkeypox a “public health emergency of international concern.”

Many overseas countries have started the vaccination drive against the virus and are demanding more vaccinations. The central government is on high alert as the number of cases in some other countries has risen. According to WHO, 18,000 cases have been reported from 78 countries.

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The director general of the World Health Organisation, Dr. Tedros made a statement, “The Monkeypox outbreak can be stopped if countries, communities, and individuals inform themselves, take the risks seriously, and take the steps needed to stop transmission and protect vulnerable groups.”

The 22-year-old died out of fatigue and had a swollen lymph node, but did not have any skin rashes. Monkeypox causes skin irritation and rashes but in this case, no visible effect of the virus can be seen on the skin. The Monkeypox case cannot be taken for granted as it could turn out to be endemic.

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