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KIFF 2022: Shah Rukh Khan’s Power-packed Dialogue Left Everyone Spellbound 

Shah Rukh Khan delivered a dialogue from his upcoming film Pathaan at KIFF 2022

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INDIA: The charm of Shah Rukh Khan is perpetual among audiences, and so are his films. The King of Romance recently made his way to the Kolkata International Film Festival 2022 (KIFF), where he addressed topics about social media toxicity, the cancel culture, and much more.

Shah Rukh Khan has been a big part of Bollywood, he is cherished through his movies and enjoys a worldwide fan base. However, after 2018, he hasn’t been seen on the silver screens for a long time, but the upcoming year of 2023 is the year of SRK, as big-budget movies like Pathaan, Jawan, and Dunki are lined up.

Shah Rukh Khan talked about the significant topics at KIFF 2022

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SRK has already geared up with the movie promotion of Pathaan, and he flew down to the mega Kolkata International Film Festival. The festival was also joined by Bengali-originated actors and singers like Rani Mukerji, Amitabh Bachchan, Jaya Bachchan, and Arijit Singh, followed by the presence of West Bengal chief minister Mamta Banerjee.

Shah Rukh Khan delivered a dialogue from his film Pathaan, which made fans go weak on their knees,“Apni kursi ki peti baandh lijiye. Mausam bigadne wala hai. Aur kuch dino see hum yaha nahi aaye hai aap log se mil nahi paaye hai. Lekin ab duniya jo hai, normal ho gayi hai. Hum sab khush hai.”

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The actors words translates to, “Tie your seat belts. The weather is about to get worse. And we haven’t come here for a few days, haven’t been able to meet you guys. But the world has now become normal. We are all happy.”

“Sab se zyada khush hu aur yeh baat batane mein bilkul bhi aapati nahi hai ki duniya kuchh bhi kar le main aur aap log aur jitne bhi positive log hai, sabke sab zinda hai,” he concluded.

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The statement translates to, “I am the happiest of all and do not mind saying that no matter what the world does, me and you people and all the positive people are alive.”

Shah Rukh Khan also talked about the new media culture and its impact. He added, “Cinema and the development of social media platforms have now emerged as the primary channels for articulating human feelings and experiences.”

“In contrast to popular opinion that the rise of social media will have a detrimental impact on cinema, I think cinema now has an even more significant role to play,” he added further.

“Social media shapes the collective narrative of our times. People like us will stay positive no matter what the world does,” he offered as a final piece of advise.

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