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Friday, February 3, 2023

Koffee With Karan 7: Gauri Khan, Maheep Kapoor and Bhavana Pandey on the Couch

Gauri made her comeback to the show after 17 years 

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INDIA: The celebrity chat show featured three glam wives of Bollywood actors, Gauri Khan, Maheep Kapoor and Bhavana Pandey who ignited the episode with their sophisticates.

The ladies apart from being star wives owned a strong individuality as Gauri Khan is an interior designer and film producer on the professional front whereas Maheep and Bhavana recently made their debut in the OTT series.

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Gauri made her comeback to the show after 17 years on the other side it’s a debut for the ‘Bollywood wives’ famed Maheep and Bhavana.

These fashion icons are proud mothers of their new-age actor children. The episode began with Gauri where Karan recalled the worst time the Khan family had been through, post son Aryan’s arrest last year. 

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Johar, talking about the recent past said, “It’s been such a tough time for (Shah Rukh Khan) not just professionally but recently with everything the family went through personally. You all have emerged so strongly. As a family, I know it hasn’t been easy.”

He Further said, “I know you as a mother and him as a father, and all of us like we’re members of the same family. I feel like I’m your children’s Godparent as well. It hasn’t been easy but Gauri I’ve seen you come out even stronger. What do you have to say about your way of handling tough times, when families go through something like that.”

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Gauri, however, praised all the good wishes and people who stand next to her family she said, “And all our friends, and so many people whom we did not know. So many messages and so much love and I just feel blessed. And I would say I’m grateful to all the people who have helped us through this.”

Apart from this, the show witnessed hilarious confessions, made by the daughters of the three divas. Suhana, the daughter of Shah Rukh and Gauri called her mother’s momager’ says, “She wants to see everything before everybody else can see it. So sometimes I am like, Let me just post one picture without showing you first. But then I always send it to her because I know she’s always right.”

Whereas, Ananya says, “My mom needs to know everything that goes around her and she continuously spies on her and checks what attire she’s gonna be wearing and where she is and with whom she is hanging around.”

On the other hand Mandeep and Sanjay Kapoor’s daughter who is yet to make her Bollywood debut says, “My mom is Uber cool and allows her for everything even if it’s to convince her dad she did it very well, even she is glad that she has three moms as considering Gauri and Bhavana as her second mother too.”

On the rapid-fire round, Bhavana spun the beans but gave a hint that Ananya was dating two boys so she left the companionship of one to stay with the other. She even said that her daughter is allowed to date anyone but is not permitted to get into serious commitments.

By the time, Gauri said that the best piece of advice she wanna give to Suhana is, “She should not date two guys at the same time” and same goes with Abraham that he is allowed to date as many as he wants but after marriage, there should be only one.

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