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Königreich Deutschland: A Self-declared Kingdom That Refuses to Acknowledge Germany

Peter Fitzek, who had his coronation ceremony complete with an orb and sceptre, welcomes everyone to his kingdom

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Sadaf Hasan
Sadaf Hasan
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GERMANY: “Königreich Deutschland,” an invisible border in the depths of eastern Germany that can be defined as a new country, is a self-declared autonomous kingdom that completes itself with a self- appointed king, which has now denied to recognise Germany.

Peter, King of Königreich Deutschland, who believes that the German state is “destructive and sick,” said that “I have no interest in being part of this fascist and satanic system.” His real name is Peter Fitzek, and his deeds have repeatedly put him in confrontation with German law.

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Peter, who had his coronation ceremony complete with an orb and sceptre, welcomes everyone to his kingdom, which was established a decade ago and mints its own currency, ID cards, and flag.

He is known as “Reichsbürger” (citizen of the Reich) in Germany, one of the estimated 21,000 people who are described by the national intelligence agencies as conspiracy theorists who don’t recognise the legality of the post- War German state.

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This week, they’ve risen to eminence after 25 people were detained during raids on Reichsbürger, who were allegedly planning to storm the German parliament building, the Reichstag, and violently topple the government. However, Peter, the king, has denied the intentions of such violations.

A new kingdom

He claimed that after failing in his aspirations to become a mayor and a member of the German parliament, he felt compelled to establish his own kingdom.

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“People with an honest heart who seek to improve the world for the sake of the general good don’t have a chance under the German system,” stated Peter. “Those who are dishonest and criminal flourish in the system,” he continued.

The kingdom and its legal documents are not approved by Germany. Fitzek manages his own health insurance programme and has a history of convictions for driving without a licence. He was imprisoned for a number of years for stealing the money from his citizens, but the conviction was ultimately reversed.

The regional intelligence service said that they saw it as a danger and have been keeping an eye on him and his kingdom for almost two years. They compare it to a cult that introduces members to radical ideas and conspiracy theories.

In recent years, the epidemic has encouraged the spread of such ideologies and attitudes in Germany. Furthermore, COVID-19 appears to be gaining support and kingdom participation.

Fitzek estimates the population to be 5,000 people. He is expanding the kingdom by purchasing land in Germany in the hopes of building a number of villages where those people can someday live.

In the village of Bärwalde, about an hour and a half’s drive south of Berlin, an old castle is surrounded by ancient woods. About 30 people reside on the property, either in the main building or in the caravans that are dispersed throughout the lawn along the main driveway.

It’s a desolate spot, despite the castle’s fading beauty. The grounds are currently being cleared, and the structures are still being renovated. The skeleton of an ancient greenhouse still has tree trunks growing through it. The locals, however, are incredibly proud of their home, which they also view as a part of the kingdom.

People refuse to send their children to school, which is against the law in Germany, and they do not pay German taxes. They are governed by their own legal system, which is reportedly headed by King Peter, and they eventually want to establish their own healthcare system.

The kingdom contains all the necessities for daily living. According to Benjamin, who recently relocated in with his young family and is in charge of PR, all of these systems—food and nutrition, social security, etc.—are in place.

Citizens are planning to create a sustainable green community using contemporary technology, and they seem to have little faith in modern medicine.

Benjamin said that no one in this place has received the COVID-19 vaccine. The majority of Reichsbürger who participated in the protests against the pandemic control measures share this opinion.

“People who think for themselves today are commonly labelled as conspiracy theorists,” Benjamin said. “But it’s also true that these are frequently the people who stay up late discussing social and political concerns as well as their own,” he continued.

“A local resident of Germany scowled when I asked him what he thought of his neighbours (people from the kingdom). He stated that they ought to pay taxes. After all, they still use Germany’s resources. However, he continued, his own children were what really worried him the most. What effect will this group have on them?” he added.

For a while, Reichsbürger served as a national parody. They are now being taken seriously in Germany.

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