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Bestselling Novelist Vani Explores the Other Side of Fame in Her Latest Romance, Seconds Later

Vani launched her second book at a prominent art gallery in Los Angeles. But for this one, she had to contend with an online launch because of COVID-19 restrictions

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INDIA. Chandigarh: Bestselling novelist and columnist, Vani Kaushal, added yet another feather to her cap by launching her latest romance, Seconds Later. In her book, she explores the other side of fame. Her protagonist is a young and talented TV talk show host who thinks she can handle fame, not knowing that fame doesn’t come easy – that there is a price to pay. The book has been published by one of India’s leading publishing houses and the title sponsors of the Pune International Literary Festival (PILF), Vishwakarma Publications.  

Talking about her new novel, Vani revealed that it was a few years in writing and came about as a result of a nudge she received one afternoon while sitting in her bedroom. “I had a feeling like someone was looking at me and it wasn’t a well-meaning gaze. Now, it may have been a figment of my imagination but I remember feeling funny in my stomach. It was as I leaned into that feeling (rather than shoving it under the carpet which I would have normally done) that this story came to me. What if this happened to a young girl, a celebrity at that? How would it disrupt her love life and career if someone approached her – or eyed her – with not the best of intentions? What would she do? How would she protect herself?” The book is of course a romance first, but it has elements of thrill in it. “It’s a story that many of my readers in India will be able to relate to, especially women. The drama pans out across different continents which is why I think it would also appeal to an international audience,” she added.

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Vani is a city-based author who has two other books to her credit. She made a foray into nonfiction with her book, Flowers Forever. It was published in the United States by Los Angeles-based World Wide Art Books. The book celebrated the four-decade artistic career of Elizabeth ‘Lizo’ Shahenian, an award-winning American Armenian artist. Her first book, The Recession Groom, was a rom-com that garnered rave reviews and widespread acclaim from Indian media, both print and electronic. 

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