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Lawrence Bishnoi Threatens Salman Khan, Ask Him to Apologize for His involvement in the Blackbuck Case

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INDIA. Mumbai: In the 1998 blackbuck case, Salman Khan, along with a few cast members of Hum Saath Saath Hain, was accused of killing the rare species in Rajasthan’s Kankani village. This made the entire Bishnoi gang boil over with rage, as their religious sentiments are connected to the blackbucks, who are rarely found. Soon after the case, Khan received several threatening notes and was even attacked, which was later reportedly said to be the work of gangster Lawrence Bishnoi. 

Lawrence said that the actor should apologize to the whole gang for the crime he did so that everyone will remember. The gangster, who is currently in jail for allegedly killing Punjabi musician Sidhu Moosewala, is said to have threatened the actor and asked Khan to apologize to his community.

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Recently, Bishnoi gave an interview to a news channel in which he said, “Goldy Brar planned and got Moosewala killed working with my gang members.” However, he denied his involvement and said, “was also angry with Moosewala as he backed rival gangs, but I wasn’t involved in planning his murder.” 

Talking about the whole incident, he said, “I was sleeping. A friend from Canada called me and told me about Sidhu Moosewala’s killing,” said the gangster. 

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Portraying himself as a nationalist, Lawrence said, “We are against people who demand Khalistan and want to divide the country. Me and my gang members aren’t terrorists but nationalists, and I have been angry with Salman since childhood over the blackbuck issue. He had even offered money to my community members.” 

Bollywood’s most celebrated actor, Salman Khan, enjoys a huge fandom from across the globe. He is undoubtedly a man with a golden heart who always contributes to the welfare of the community. However, the Dabangg actor is frequently at the center of controversies involving both his private and professional lives.

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