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Effective Lifestyle Habits to Implement in Order to Combat Dementia 

The researchers discovered risk factors associated with dementia

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Hrishita Chatterjee
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UNITED KINGDOM: Abnormal brain changes are the root cause of the disorders known collectively as “dementia.” A decline in cognitive skills, also known as thinking ability, is managed to bring on by these changes, and it is severe enough to interfere with everyday life and independent function. 

Furthermore, they influence relationships, feelings, and behavior. The risk factors that aid in the progression of dementia have been discovered by the segment of the Department of Psychiatry, Oxford University’s Modifying Dementia Risk Group, which was headed by Dr Sarah Bauermeister and was allied with the UK’s Dementias Platform and Alzheimer Research.

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The researchers discovered a few risk factors associated with dementia, some of which are hypertension, obesity, alcohol intake, smoking, depression, lethargy, pollution and diabetes

The following lifestyle habits have been recommended by Oxford experts in light of the increasing cases of dementia, which, as per a Lancet report, could attain 152 million by 2050.

Habits to fight Dementia

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Outdoor and community involvement 

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Experts mention that even small stints of human engagement and socializing can have a significant impact. People’s effectiveness on memory and concentration tasks is enhanced after just 10 minutes of social engagement. 

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Incorporating Mediterranean diet 

Photo Credit: Pixabay/Monlaw

As per experts, this kind of diet is nutritious, being rich in seasonal vegetables, fruits, grains, unsaturated fat, fish, olive oil and beans and is wonderful for maintaining a healthy brain. 

According to these experts, “This is due in part to the fact that this diet is low in saturated fat and sugar, which lowers the risk of illnesses such as diabetes and obesity, both of which are risk factors for dementia.”

Engage in physical activity 

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According to experts, “Exercise helps persons with Alzheimer’s disease improve their physical and mental health by reducing the decline of their thinking and memory skills.” As per the clinical evidence, 150 minutes of physical activity in a week is strongly suggested. 

Lower intake of alcohol 

Photo Credit: Pexels/Polina Tankilevitch

In order to balance both sides of the equation, Professor John Gallacher from the Department of Psychiatry suggests keeping alcohol consumption to seven units per week. Oxford experts say, “Alcohol has a complex relationship with dementia.” 

Avoid smoking at all costs 

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Experts say that smoking causes mini-strokes, which also are the foundation of vascular dementia, hasten the progression of the disorder, thereby highlighting the connection between smoking and dementia. 

Get better sleep 

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One of the most underrated lifestyle habits that can make the most positive impact is getting timely and routine sleep, which is additionally one of the important ways to ensure brain health. Experts highlight that healthy individuals should get seven to nine hours of sleep a night because it’s crucial to making a lasting impression. 

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