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Making India A World Guru

World NRI Social & Cultural Association with a vision of making India a World Guru is dedicated to build strong, prosperous and self-reliant India.

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Pradeep Chamaria
Pradeep Chamaria
I am a photojournalist. Love to travel to unknown and unexplored vistas. Since 1992, I make places desirable for other travelers through experiential Travel Writing.

INDIA. New Delhi: World NRI Social & Cultural Association (Vishwa Pravasi Dharma Parishad) is an organisation working closely with various NRI partners in India and in all over the world to spread the message of Unity. The Association with a vision of making India a World Guru is dedicated to building a strong, prosperous, and self-reliant India that is modern and progressive.

Shri Raman Tripathy, Sah Pramukh (Associate Head) is himself an NRI and settled in the USA for the last 23 years, talked in detail to The Transcontinental Times Team about his plans on investments in Rural India. He said, “Real India lives in villages, and our aim is to develop the rural area by making provisions for higher education, creating employment, empowering of local entrepreneurs in rural areas, providing training through a cultural bonding with the big group of NRIs, who is the best talent of Indians living abroad.”

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He added, “Though Indian govt. has from time to time launched schemes to bring back NRIs home, all those schemes did not materialise for one reason or the other. The govt. has a different thought process and that was not helpful in bringing the NRIs on one platform. India has 2.5 Lakh Gram Panchayats and the idea is to create approximately 2.5 Lakh CEOs / Village Investment Planners in these Panchayats with the support of NRI’s staying abroad with a total investment plan of 1-2 crore per Gram Panchayat.”

Building trust among NRIs

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Trust is a big factor, which is lacking among the NRIs. They do want to come back home and also bring in investments, but they are not sure- ‘how’.  The aim of WNSCA is to reestablish trust and also establish nationalism, national unity, awareness of Hindu culture, protection of Sanatan dharma, and national harmony.

The association has pledged to establish a democratic nation in which there can be freedom of political, social, and economic justice, freedom of religious belief, and expression without discrimination of caste, creed, or gender. The association aims to work for the protection of Cow, River Ganga, The Geeta, Indian languages, and literature, and to make India a spiritual and knowledge center hub for Yoga, Ayurveda, and Meditation, with a vision of making India a World Guru, i.e. a World leader of science and technology and in advanced education.

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Mr. Raman says, “Indians worldwide are performing well in every sector from education to IT to healthcare. Roughly 40 millions of our Indian families currently live outside India. With this large group of people, if their professional expertise and financial resources are to be pooled together, it will benefit not only people of Indian origin and strengthen their emotional and ethnic bonds with the motherland but also India.”

Dr. Satya Prakash Tiwari, General Secretary, briefed that – “We all want India to be a World Guru, and the association wishes to spread universal Brotherhood to make the world a better place and a global Family “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” – the world is one family – and spread the message – “Sarvepi Santu Sukhinah Sarve Santu Niramaya” may everyone be happy and healthy towards universal brotherhood and the cardinal principle of this brotherhood is unity in diversity.”

Activities of the association

The association is promoting government schemes for human and public welfare in India and abroad and have launched many Welfare projects of the Department of Women and Child Development of the Government of India, Department of Social Empowerment and Ministry of Human Resources, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Education and Health Medical Services, Culture, Tourism Information Broadcasting Environment, and Skill Development Ministry.

The association is taking care of the newborn children who are denied and thrown out by their parents by providing them shelter in the orphanage. They are also working on many welfare programs for the Divyang people in different areas of the country and also giving them the opportunity to inspire others. The association is also working for skill development by providing a learning platform to youths, women in different sectors. They are providing free education to many below poverty line children. The association is working hard for the employment of the people in different sectors like the computer, beauty, tailor, music, etc. They have added around 12000 slum children in various programs run by the association. They have already provided more than 8500 certificates to the beneficiaries. The association is working to make India a self-reliant country by giving an opportunity to individuals, by providing them help from different levels by our association.


  • Pradeep Chamaria

    I am a photojournalist. Love to travel to unknown and unexplored vistas. Since 1992, I make places desirable for other travelers through experiential Travel Writing.

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