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Making Numbers Your Best Friend Through Education

One teacher shares his passion for maths with his students

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Kritika Sodhi
Kritika Sodhi
I am a second year student studying in University of Leeds, UK. I love writing articles, researching on controversial topics and giving voice to silent thoughts.

INDIA. Aurangabad, Maharashtra. Bharat Nimbalkar is a maths teacher at Gurukul Olympiad School, a Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) school. He has been working as a mathematics teacher for the past seven years. In an interview with Transcontinental Times, he said, “I have a passion for reforming kids to become a mathematician.”

Bharat talks about training kids for being future mathematicians. In their early stage of life, kids have fresh minds and could be trained for leading the world of tomorrow through numbers. Expressing his love and passion for mathematics, Bharat adds, “Maths is leading the world today.”

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The importance of mathematics

Turning the pages of history, India gave great mathematicians to the world. These range from Aryabhatta inventing zero to the human-computer playing with numbers. Bharat, with his ideas and passions, wants children to fall in love with numbers. He said, “Make zero your friend, learn to play with numbers, fall in love with maths.”

Teaching through real-life situations

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Bharat brings real-life situations inside the four walls of the classroom. How money exchange happens in real life, the use of numbers, and dealing with practical situations make children love learning maths.

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In his interview with Transcontinental Times, Bharat talked about his love for reading and writing biographies. With great minds and passionate teachers, the world gets a better future. One where children will not hate numbers, but befriend them.

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