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Thursday, September 21, 2023

Mamata Banerjee Demands Amit Shah’s Resignation over ‘TMC Govt Collapse Remark’

Banerjee claimed that Amit Shah's remarks sounded like "a conspiracy being hatched to dislodge the state government"

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INDIA. West Bengal: The heated disagreement between the central ruling party BJP and the state ruling party TMC is in full swing. Besides this, Home Minister Amit Shah is back again in the race, aiming to win seats in West Bengal, in the upcoming elections. Recently, the Union minister held a public rally in Birbhum district of Bengal, where he openly dampened the Trinamool government by saying that the party won’t survive beyond 2025 if the BJP wins 35 seats in the next year’s Lok Sabha polls.

Meanwhile, CM Mamata Banerjee boiled over with anger over Shah’s statement against her party and asked the BJP leader to resign over the comments he had made during a rally. She said, “On Friday, Amit Shah addressed a rally. That is fine. But how can the home minister of the country talk about toppling a democratically elected government of a state? Is the constitution of the country being changed? He can never make such a comment that if BJP wins 35 Lok Sabha seats, the state government won’t complete the full term.” 

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The Mamata-led government is scheduled to complete its third term in 2026. Previously, the party won with a majority of votes, defeating the BJP, the counter-rival party. However, the storm of the saffron party remains the same, and recently, Shah visited Suri in Birbhum district, where he set a target for the BJP to win 35 Lok Sabha seats from West Bengal. 

Thus, the Trinamool supremo claimed that Amit Shah’s remarks sounded like “a conspiracy being hatched to dislodge the state government.” Further, she added that a veteran leader like Shah should not speak like a “goon”. 

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Furthermore, bringing up a link with the CBI’s summons to her Delhi counterpart, Arvind Kejriwal, Banerjee said, “Are they trying to send out a message that a chief minister can be summoned and questioned? If a chief minister can be questioned, why can’t the home minister be questioned too?”. 

“Not only Trinamool leaders are targeted, but every leader of the opposition is also being harassed. Yesterday, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal was summoned by the CBI. Do they think the people believe that all BJP leaders are saints? What happened to the Vyapam scam? Over 50 witnesses have been murdered in that case. And yet you are giving us sermons,” she added. 

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