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Man Stabbed to Death on the Streets of Brisbane Suburbs

Two bags were discovered in bins in two separate yards during a police sweep of the area; around 4 pm, a man was discovered in a nearby bush

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Sadaf Hasan
Sadaf Hasan
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AUSTRALIA. Mansfield: In the south-eastern suburbs of Brisbane, a 23-year-old man was fatally stabbed. Police are looking into possible bikie gang involvement in the attack.


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  • Police claim that five males attacked the man after stepping out of two vehicles.
  • Afterwards, one of the men repeatedly stabbed him in the torso.
  • The investigation is being conducted by police from the homicide squad and Taskforce Maxima against Bikies.
  • Security cameras recorded the assault.

Police have one man in custody and are questioning him while they look for a white Nissan Patrol with four people inside of it.

Detective Superintendent Andrew Massingham of Queensland police described the situation as “quite a gruesome and unpleasant scene.”

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He claimed that a white Mercedes Benz driven by a 23-year-old male pulled into the gym’s parking lot at the crossroads of Brigadoon Street and Pine Mountain Road.

The man was then being pursued by a black Audi, and as he attempted to leave the parking lot, the Nissan Patrol ploughed into him.

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Then, five men exited the vehicles. They approached the driver’s seat before smashing the window with a crowbar. The man tried to escape out of the passenger-side door but was pursued across the street by two of the men, according to Detective Superintendent Massingham.

The next attack had one of the men stabbing him repeatedly in the torso. According to Detective Superintendent Massingham, “These men were quite motivated to hunt this person.”

The fifth man fled on foot in the direction of Flame Tree Court while the other four departed the scene in the Nissan Patrol. Two bags were discovered in bins in two separate yards during a police sweep of the area. Around 4 pm, a man was discovered in a nearby bush.

Attack captured on surveillance cameras

The investigation is being conducted by members of the anti-bikie Taskforce Maxima and the homicide squad.

Detective Superintendent Massingham stated that there is no indication of a motive at this time. However, he acknowledged that bikie connections are being looked at.

“That is at the forefront of what we are doing right now.” He claimed that security cameras captured the entire occurrence, which was shocking to see.

“Several others” reportedly witnessed the attack, according to the police. The four males and the Nissan Patrol are both being sought by police. The general population has been instructed to phone triple-0 instead of approaching the car if they see it.

Around 30 people were reportedly present in the gym at the time and were detained there for several hours, according to witnesses.

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