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A “Cup Of Life” in Free Of Cost: One lakh Menstruation Cups To Be Distributed By Kerala MP

MP Hibi Eden has initiated a campaign to provide one lakh free menstrual cups to the beneficiaries in his constituency

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INDIA.KERELA: A capricious swift of mind change has been perceived in the feminine sphere. Talking about periods and the after-effects of the same is still taboo in Indian culture.

The much-needed change is here, Ernakulam Member of Parliament(MP) Hibi Eden has initiated a campaign for all women and coined it ‘Cup of Life’, which aims to dispense menstrual cups for more than one lakh beneficiaries in his constituency. This entire programme will be free of cost and will happen in the next 24 hours.

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The campaign will be financed by the corporate social responsibility wing of Muthoot Finance and collaborated by Ernakulam District Administration and Indian Medical Association (IMA) Kochi.

This program will come to effect on August 30. This aims to help women build a better future without any obstacles. Hygiene is a very important fact of livelihood and the medium of this campaign will encourage women to lead a healthy life.  

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Sanitary pads are a hazard to the ecological sphere. It is a toxic waste on the planet, creates land pollution and strikes diseases. The disposal of napkins is a big concern to females, especially when at work.

Many women are allergic to sanitary napkins and get undesired rashes around their genetics. Whereas, menstrual cups are eco-friendly and easy to use and carry. Many females are not aware of ‘menstrual cups’ and some don’t want to give them a try. But this mission will bring change in the mindset of both genders. 

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The logo of ‘Cup of Life’ was launched on Tuesday at Indian Medical Association (IMA) Cochin by actor Jayasurya. MP Eden said, “Under the project ‘Breaking Barriers’, sanitary napkins and incinerators were introduced in schools.

“However, the pads posed a problem of clogged toilets. Menstrual cups turned out to be an alternative. Before the ‘cup of life’ campaign, menstrual cups were distributed in ward 17. After two months of the campaign, 4,000 women in Kumbalangi benefitted from the cups,” he added.

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