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Mercedes Teases the Next-generation E-Class with an Impressive Interior

The luxury sedan gets a substantial preview, showing off its posh interior

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Aditya Saikrishna
Aditya Saikrishna
I am 21 years old and an avid Motorsports enthusiast.

GERMANY: Luxury car manufacturer Mercedes has given a first look at the interior of its next-generation E-Class, which features a screen-heavy dashboard and an array of innovative technology features.

The car, codenamed W214, features a dashboard with slimmer, curvy outer air vents, which gives the car a sleeker, more minimalist look and eliminates the turbine-styled lateral air vents of the EQE sedan.

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The car has a range of technological features, including a selfie/video camera, available at an additional cost as part of the MBUX Superscreen, which also features an extra screen on the passenger side of the dashboard. 

The camera works only when the car is stationary, and passengers can take photos and videos. Additionally, the passengers can use the camera for video conferences through Zoom and Webex.

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In addition, the 2024 E-Class detects the driver’s eye movements to check whether they are looking at the dashboard’s display on the right side. 

The third screen uses dual light control technology to prevent videos from being visible peripherally to the driver, which can be turned on or off. 

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A camera also records the driver’s eye movements to detect if they are looking at the passenger screen.

When this happens, the system reduces its brightness to make it less visible to the driver and reduce distraction.

The car features an infotainment system with other apps beyond Zoom and Webex, such as the TikTok social app, Angry Birds, and the Vivaldi web browser. 

An optional ZYNC entertainment portal enables video streaming, games, news, and additional on-demand content on the central and passenger screens.

The 2024 E-Class also has an Active Ambient Lighting option that works in sync with the car’s audio system to automatically change the lighting based on the rhythm of the music playing. 

The car has a Burmester surround sound system as a standard feature, with 17 speakers and four sound transducers in the front seats.

Mercedes plans to launch the new E-Class at dealerships in the United States later this year, following a world premiere likely to occur in the spring.

The new technology-laden interior of the E-Class is expected to set the standard for luxury car interiors in the years to come. 

With its sleek and minimalist look, advanced technology features, and impressive sound system, the 2024 E-Class promises to provide an unrivalled driving experience.

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