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Friday, February 3, 2023

Michelle Obama on 2016 Elections’ Defeat: The Victory of Trump “Still Aches”

Michelle Obama stated that it "still hurts" that the American people chose to elect Donald Trump over Barack Obama

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UNITED STATES: Although Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 US presidential election “still hurts,” Michelle Obama claimed that she and her husband had a relationship with his win.

While stating that “leadership counts,” the former first lady ruled out a future run for the presidency. She discussed the political polarization in the UK and the US with the media in the lead-up to the publication of her new book, The Light We Carry.

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When asked about the American people’s choice to elect Donald Trump in place of Barack Obama, she said it “still hurts,” and at times, she wondered if her husband’s tenure in government had mattered.

“But when there is more clarity, I look around… and think more logically, I think well… today there is a whole world of young people who are thinking differently about themselves because of the work that we’ve done because of this, you must stop grandeur from impeding kindness,” she added.

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“But progress isn’t about a steady climb. Ups and downs, as well as stagnation, exist. That is how change works. Due to this, the work we’re doing now focuses on empowering the generation we’re passing the torch to and creating opportunities for them to leave their mark on history,” she continued further.

According to Michelle Obama, in order for the general public to “feel seen,” leadership must “represent the direction that we want to move in as a people.”

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Leadership is important; she remarked, “If we’re going to be open to voices that want to lead by fear and division, the voices at the top matter. Government and democracy are important for this reason. A vote counts. Therefore, in my opinion, having leadership that reflects the direction that we as a people want to go in is where it all begins.”

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