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Model Silvia Trujillo Talks about Her Inspirational Journey in Fashion Realm

Silvia Trujillo decided to pursue Tourism, which sparked her love for travel and meeting new people

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Hrishita Chatterjee
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SPAIN: In an interview with TCT, the model, travel agent, and artistic painter Silvia Trujillo discusses what inspired her to pursue fashion and modelling. 

A motivational factor in someone’s success story has always made life beautiful. This motivational factor can be in the form of pursuing definite passions, trying out new things in life, and the constant urge to achieve anything by unflinchingly fighting all hardships. There is a similar story of determination, passion and goodwill in this discussion with Silvia.

Silvia Trujillo narrates her life journey

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Silvia Trujillo was born in Madrid in August 1971 and is part of an Andalusian family. She lived in Madrid at 17 to earn a degree while her parents returned to Tarifa, her hometown in the south of Spain, in a small surfing and fishing village in Cadiz.

She decided to pursue Tourism, which sparked her love for travel and meeting new people. Like any other aspiring person, she wanted to be good at many things. She is a quick learner, and her goal to be financially dependent made her opt for tourism as a perfect career choice.

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She says, “And when you realize that you develop a part of what you like, the rest remains in the background. Later, I got married, I had two children, and you dedicated yourself more to your family. You never imagine that life suddenly holds many surprises for you.” 

Silvia says that she got divorced four years back when she started modelling, a passion she reignited after many years of repressing it under a pile of work. She mentions that she adores creativity, which inspires her to try out various themes like Fashion, Cosplay and Boudoir. She says, “I never thought that at 51 years old and with 2 children, I could be a model.” 

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People invariably called Silvia “super photogenic” and said she “transmitted a lot in my photos.” She decided to embark upon this journey of pursuing modelling as a passion after photographers began to write to her about her first session. She states, “Then publications began in magazines. Until last year I was invited to present myself as Mrs Madrid in the Elite Beauty Queen contest held in Riga in August, where I was II Finalist in the classic category.” 

Modelling has reignited Silvia’s passion and fostered her growth in her personal life. She got to comprehend fresh rules and encounter new people who have been very keen on praising this multitalented model by portraying their “unconditional support” for three years now. Some admirers only talk to her virtually, and she is proud of all the connections she has made so far.

Silvia highlights, “I have met great photography professionals, whom I greatly admire. All this opens doors for new projects that you want to develop.”

Additionally, she adds her clout and presence in the press, local newspapers like “Alcorcon Today”, interviews in “Perumira,” Global Talent Magazine of Peru, a jury in Beauty Contests and the latest discussion on a Latino channel on the TV in Canada “TV Teleritmo.” Magazines like Mds, Top Hat, Lenore, Swanky Magazine Cover, Beautica, Marika, Artells and Mac Magazine, as well as a lot of communication channels, both national and international, have significantly helped her in attaining her goals. 

Silvia Trujillo mentions that her divorce was a redemptive ground and “a good therapy” as she wanted to discover some inspirational factors in life that would aid her in being herself again. Her biggest support has been her kids. She required a new direction in her life, which she got by clicking selfies on Instagram.

She mentions, “Then you meet people who help you develop and learn more about this world. Every day I learn something new, and it’s comforting.” 

In her final address to the readers, Trujillo mentions that “life always gives a chance to everyone that they should grab”. She states, “Above all, we must do things that make us happy and enjoy. Don’t be afraid of it. Because you don’t regret the things you do, only the ones you didn’t try at the time.”

She sometimes gets overwhelmed from having to do everything all at once, but she loves doing all that keeps her content. She infers, “So let’s not lose the opportunities that life offers us because the future is unpredictable, and something always good awaits us.” 

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