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Moon Knight Episode 2: A Physiological Rollercoaster that Relies on a Compelling Story with Choppy CGI

In the second episode of Moon Knight, titled Summon the Suit, Steven Grant confronts and deals with his other self, Marc Spector

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Khushant Runghe
Khushant Runghe
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UNITED STATES: “Moon Knight,” starring Oscar Isaac, is all about Steven Grant, who has dissociative identity disorder. Steven, torn between dream and reality, finds himself in an unexpected situation where his simple character as a gift shop employee contains more of his super aggressive persona.

As Steven finds himself in precarious circumstances with cult leader Arthur Harrow, things take a wild turn, resulting in the unleashed chaos of his hyper-violent personality, branded as Moon Knight.


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In the second episode of Moon Knight, titled Summon the Suit, Steven Grant confronts and deals with his other self, Marc Spector. The plot revolves around the conflict between two characters.

May Calamawy plays Layla, a new character introduced in Episode 2. She is shown as a love interest and Marc Spector’s wife. The plot subtly creates the chemistry between the two characters, which serves as a romantic subplot and the only incentive for Marc Spector to help Khonsu.

Brilliant performances

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Oscar Isaac has always shone the brightest in this episode; the way he portrays distinct characters makes it feel like the same person doesn’t play them. When a different personality arrives on screen, it completely transforms into a one-of-a-kind performance, elevating our viewing experience. The rivalry between Marc Spector and Steven Grant is fascinating to observe. The way both personas contradict one other and react in different situations is masterfully depicted in the series.

May Calamawy doesn’t have much to do, but her growing connection with Oscar Isaac feels enticing on a romantic and emotional level for whatever time she appears on the screen. Her persona is all like that of an adventurer or an archaeologist.

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Layla’s character, however, seems to have been invented solely for the series. Her character does not appear in any comic books. Marlene Alraune is featured as the love interest in the comic version. Moon Knight is one of those characters that has had several love interests. He is romantically involved with Tigra during the events of the West Coast Avengers.

Mr. Knight shines as the new vigilante persona of Steven Grant

Mr. Knight, a unique personality of Marc, is also introduced in this episode, dressed in a pure white uniform that contrasts significantly with Moon Knight’s ceremonial armor. This costume includes a white coat and trouser suit with a tie consisting of a sewn mask having glowing eyes.

In the comics, Mr. Knight collaborates with the police department to solve crimes on a detective level. He’s also a total badass personality who catches the eye, with a wild combat style that has yet to be seen in the series. He utilizes two sticks as a weapon to take out the goons and thugs.


This episode expands on the pilot episode in every way. There is a great scenario where Steven morphs into Mr. Knight, and Marc compares him to Colonel Sanders, hilarious. At times, the action sequences appear to be moving sluggish, but this is due to the choppy CGI that silently disrupts the watching experience.

Despite the CGI, the episode seems to be progressing towards the vital storyline, which is supposed to give something unique compared to other MCU shows.

Transcontinental Times rating: 4.3/5

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