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Moon Knight Episode 4: The Mind-Bending Twist Turns the Entire Series into a Psychological Thriller

In the fourth episode, The Tomb, the lackluster and slow-paced action sequences are replaced by a brilliant storyline

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Khushant Runghe
Khushant Runghe
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UNITED STATES: Moon Knight, starring Oscar Isaac, is all about Steven Grant, who has dissociative identity disorder. Steven, torn between dream and reality, finds himself in an unexpected situation where his simple character as a gift shop employee contains more of his super aggressive persona.

As Steven finds himself in precarious circumstances with cult leader Arthur Harrow, things take a wild turn, resulting in the unleashed chaos of his hyper-violent personality, branded as Moon Knight.


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Steven and Layla explore Ammit’s tomb, overcoming every obstacle that stands in their way. On the other hand, with the help of Scarab, Harrow is at ease finding the Ammit’s statue. Things take a wild turn when something unexpected happens to Marc that flips the entire tale upside down, causing him to lose his grip on reality.

The show sells a compelling story instead of action

In the fourth episode, The Tomb, the lackluster and slow-paced action sequences are replaced by a brilliant storyline. Based on this episode’s captivating story, all of the prior episodes’ problems are entirely forgotten. At the end of the episode, the shocking revelation will leave us scratching our brains, leaving us with just one question: what is going on here?

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From the crescendo of this episode, it’s clear that Marvel isn’t trying to pitch this series as an action-packed adventure; instead, the studio has kept it on the path of fascinating storytelling up to this point. Despite the action sequences and several nonsensical story aspects, the show’s mind-bending twist at the conclusion will make us forget about the show’s flaws.

The show also includes a small amount of gore in a hazy Pg-13 fashion that evokes scary vibes akin to the Mummy flicks. Under the PG-13 limit, the sequence of the Heka priest present inside the tomb eating the organs of their human host is masterfully handled.

The predictable characters at times drags the Moon Knight episode down

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The chasing scene between the Heka priest and Layla inside the tomb is the episode’s weakest segment, with our slightest predictability rate lowering the show’s tension factor. Considering Layla is the show’s main character, she will not be killed in the middle of the episode. The show tries to make the situation more suspenseful by depicting a ridiculous chase between the Heka priest and Layla, which might be anticipated.


The unexpected twist at the end of the episode serves as the only factor that keeps the audience interested in what happens next.

Transcontinental Times rating: 4/5

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