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Moon Knight Episode 5: A Captivating Ride of Emotions

The narrative takes an unexpected turn in the fifth episode, Asylum, as it delves into Marc's backstory

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Khushant Runghe
Khushant Runghe
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UNITED STATES: Moon Knight, starring Oscar Isaac, is all about Steven Grant, who has dissociative identity disorder. Steven, torn between dream and reality, finds himself in an unexpected situation where his simple character as a gift shop employee contains more of his super aggressive persona.

As Steven finds himself in precarious circumstances with cult leader Arthur Harrow, things take a wild turn, resulting in the unleashed chaos of his hyper-violent personality, branded as Moon Knight.


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Steven and Marc delve into their buried memories after confronting a bleaker fate. Both must navigate their painful pasts to pass the weighing of hearts.

Perfect handling of the emotional scenes with a brilliant performance

The narrative takes an unexpected turn in the fifth episode, Asylum, as it delves into Marc’s backstory. Every scene gracefully transitions to an emotionally resonant reminder. Leaving aside some details, the plot leaves an impression on us with a high dose of emotional settings that rely only on Oscar Isaac’s acting ability. Everything in the episode revolves around Oscar Isaacs’ acting skills and the anticipation of what would happen next, which works beautifully in every moment.

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The best thing about the show is that it doesn’t try to remind you that you’re watching a Marvel series with forced hints and setbacks after End Game, like every other episode. Whereas prior Marvel series heavily insinuate their link to the MCU through various references, which works on every level but doesn’t feel like the character’s own story if repeated too often. Until now, Marvel’s Moon Knight has positioned itself as a stand-alone show for which no prior MCU films or shows are made mandatory.

Though there is no action in this episode, it is an excellent example of accepting one’s destiny and moving on. The mind-bending twist accomplishes its goal by evoking various degrees of emotions tied to Marc’s troubled past. Every part of the story’s pacing is flawless, and each scene does not feel hollow or needless.

Improper utilization of a talented actor

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Ethan Hawke is an accomplished actor who has excelled in films such as Predestination (2014), Sinister (2012), and his most recent release, The Northman (2022). However, his talent is underutilized in the show, as his participation as an enemy provides no value. At the end of the third episode, the series tries but fails to empathize with his character. It would have been better if his character had received more screen time and a solid character motive in several episodes through minor flashback scenes.

If the final episode properly delves into Arthur’s past, all of the character’s shortcomings will be eliminated.


Every moment in this episode captivates the audience, thanks to dramatic passages and Oscar Isaac’s outstanding performance.

Transcontinental Times rating: 4/5

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