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In India, 30% of People Are Working Towards Empowerment or Modelling, Says Pageant Coach Roli Tripathi

Roli emphasizes women's shape and size don't matter and that one must embrace themselves as they are

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Khushant Runghe
Khushant Runghe
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INDIA: The latest episode of Transcontinental Times’ 360° Live Talk Show featured Mrs. India, Glamorous Queen of Substance 2016, and pageant coach Roli Tripathi. She can be described as a woman with an incredible work ethic. She has extensive experience as a show director at Indie Royal Miss and Mrs. Indian International and being a pageant coach. She has established a track record for many other amazing women who aspire to be models and set industry standards.

“Women are the backbone of the family and the bedrock of the nation; they bring life into the world; they sense the cries; in fact, their instinct is to care for the elderly and seek those in need; our mother’s sisters and daughters share core values of caring for others; and we need more women leaders,” says Roshan Bhondekar, CEO and founder of Transcontinental Times explicitly.

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In response, Roli expresses her gratitude towards Transcontinental Times, where she quotes, “I have heard a lot about the transcontinental times because really, they are supporting the women’s power and they are giving wings to fly and the stories to share that are impartial untouched unfiltered so I’m delighted to be part of the transcontinental times.”

Roli recounts her expertise as a model throughout her career

Roli characterizes being a model as something conscious of its surroundings globally and socially while discussing significant accumulation areas in India. Her in-depth knowledge also explains that networking is a phenomenon that occurs everywhere; it is elementary to acquire an opportunity, and it is also straightforward to become spoilt; every facet or area has both positive and negative aspects to being in a socially active society.

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She identifies social media and the internet as high availability factors in which everything is readily available. One can quickly obtain all of the viewers and subscribers, which causes anxiety since once someone reaches the pinnacle, one must then descend.

Focusing on the Indian aspect, Roli reveals, “In India, 90% of people work towards empowerment or modeling, and many things they are doing with their wishes. They have to confront many challenges, the first of which is the trust element, which is a key concern because you are going to receive the opportunities.”

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“However, the opportunities you receive are based on how credible they are, how much you can believe in them, and how much you can trust them.” Being a model has a significant difficulty in that you get a lot of opportunities, but there is no correct way to acquire them; therefore, as a model, you have to hunt for appropriate agencies, proper places, and proper connections,” she remarked.

Lack of body inclusivity in modeling agencies

Roli emphasizes women’s shape and size don’t matter and that one must embrace themselves as they are. She clarifies that one of the primary issues women encounter in this field is that body inclusion is not always accepted, so that was the first significant hurdle she had to overcome, and the second was her work.

“There is no work for women, and there is no job for me as a director; therefore, what I feel in acquiring work and wanting to get into this field is that you have to develop your own business,” she added.

“The major difference in modeling agencies is that they don’t hire married women, especially those who aren’t flawless in shape and size, so they have to work hard, and I fought for my appearance because it matters a lot, and the reason I came into this line was that I thought I should create a trustworthy platform where I could provide employment and generate revenue,” she continued.

Success, according to Roli, is a factor that works on a particular trip that involves persistent hard work. Her professional and educational experience has shown that success can be achieved by utilizing information and accomplishing all of the characteristics, but she cautions that success is not always assured.

Revealing her success mantra, she briefs, “Success is not the ultimate goal, success is a process, so this is nothing like you have raised that spot and become successful, you have to keep doing stuff to keep yourself, and others inspired.”

“The greatest approach to keeping yourself and others motivated is recognizing your achievements and giving back to society what you have learned along the journey,” she concluded.

Watch the whole interview here:

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