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Murtas Motorcycles Introduces 2 Electric Scooter Models in France

MX range of electric scooters has a top speed of 100 kph

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Aditya Saikrishna
Aditya Saikrishna
I am 21 years old and an avid Motorsports enthusiast.

FRANCE: French electric mobility company, Murtas Motorcycles, has introduced two new electric scooter models, the MX1 and MX2. 

With gasoline-powered machines facing tightening restrictions in urbanized areas like Paris, electric two-wheelers provide a perfect solution for commuters. 

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The MX1 and MX2 models offer similar performance levels to traditional 125cc internal-combustion scooters, and a rear hub motor with a continuous output of 4 kilowatts powers the electric scooters.

Murtas designed the MX2 electric scooter to be an urban companion with a flat floorboard and ample under-seat storage for daily commuting and running errands. 

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Murtas equipped the bike with a windscreen to protect riders from wind chill, LED lights, a top case bracket, and a USB charging port. The twin-battery MX2 offers up to 220 kilometres of range, whereas the MX1 model, with only one battery pack, offers 110-kilometre range.

Both models have standard telescopic forks, adjustable rear shocks, and 16 and 14-inch wheels at the front and back, respectively. The wheels boast of city-focused Michelin City Grip 2 rubber, and the scooters come to a stop with front and rear disc brakes linked via CBS. 

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Murtas Motorcycles operates out of its headquarters in Pierrelatte near Montélimar in France, headed by Patrice Murtas, who was responsible for the entry of the Super Soco brand on French soil back in 2021. 

The company opened its doors at the beginning of 2023, and three months later, the brand hit the ground running by introducing two new electric scooter models.

The MX1 is priced at 4,990 Euros, or approximately $5,306, while the MX2 costs 5,990 Euros, or around $6,370. These prices make the scooters a cost-effective and eco-friendly option for daily commuters in urban areas.

Murtas Motorcycles is a new entrant in the electric motorcycle market in Europe. With the introduction of the MX1 and MX2 models, the company is well on its way to becoming a formidable competitor in the market. 

The personal transport market expects electric scooters to be in high demand, given their impressive features and performance levels and the increasing demand for eco-friendly mobility solutions.

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