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Delhi CM Cut Down To Size By Anna Hazare on Delhi Liquor Policy

Hazare said, “You have forgotten those ideals after becoming chief minister”

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INDIA. Delhi: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s liquor licence policy was seized in July after a corruption case. Meanwhile, former mentor and activist Anna Hazare in a letter took a dig at Kejriwal he said, “Like liquor, power too intoxicates. You are intoxicated by power, it seems.”

He further added in Hindi, “This is the first time I am writing to you since you became a chief minister because I am pained at recent news reports about your government’s liquor policy.” 

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According to Hazare, Kejriwal is not performing as per the ideology of a Chief minister so he said, “You had written idealistic things on liquor policies in your book ‘Swaraj’, for which you got me to write the introduction,” he said that no liquor shops would be open without residents consent. “You have forgotten those ideals after becoming chief minister.”

The known activist made his words clear, “Such a wrong liquor policy won’t have been formed anywhere in India, had we stuck to being a pressure group, and carried out an awareness drive as I suggested.” Hazare identified his village Ralegan Siddhi and the state of Maharashtra’s appropriate liquor policy. 

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He further wrote, “Rather than bringing in a strong Lokpal and anti-corruption laws, you brought in this liquor policy that is anti-people, particularly anti-women.”

“In Delhi, liquor shops were being opened in every corner of the city… People seem to be trapped in a circle of money for power and power for money. It doesn’t suit a party that emerged from a major movement,” says Hazare. 

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Anna has always played an important role in building a strong political career for Kejriwal and now he is putting questions upon the Delhi CM. This entire letter of Hazare shows his discontent with the decision-making policies of Kejriwal.

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