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Russia Detains IS Suicide Bomber Planning Terror Attack in India

Russian media released a 57-second video clip of the suicide bomber where he was heard admitting that his whole agenda was to take revenge in India "for insulting the Prophet"

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RUSSIA/INDIA: The top security agency in Russia has recently apprehended an Islamic State (IS) terror operative planning a suicide attack in India. A statement released by the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB) noted that the terrorist was planning a terror attack by “self-detonation against one of the representative ruling circles of India”.

Moreover, the agency said that the operative belongs to a central Asian country and was reportedly recruited during his Turkey visit from April to June 2022. In the release, it was explained that his “indoctrination was carried out remotely through the accounts of the messenger ‘Telegram’ and during personal meetings in Istanbul by a representative of the terrorist organisation.”

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Furthermore, Russian media released a 57-second video clip of the suicide bomber. The terrorist could be heard admitting that his whole agenda was vindictive and a meticulous plan was made to take revenge in India “for insulting the Prophet.”

More details that have surfaced have revealed that after “taking an oath of allegiance to the Amir of the ITO “IG”, he was tasked with “leaving for the territory of Russia, completing the necessary documents and flying to India to commit a high-profile terrorist act.”

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It so happened that India has recently expressed its anxiety over IS and just last week, deputy NSA Vikram Misri expressed concerns at the SCO NSAs meet in Uzbekistan.

Notably, ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) is a Sunni jihadist organisation that declares itself a caliphate and claims religious authority over all Muslims.

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The development emerges as fear and anxiety over the Islamic State’s new move is constantly dreaded by people all over the world in recent times. With the rise in communal hatred against Muslims globally, terror organisations operating with radical and extremist Islamic ideologies have consistently targeted western countries, not to forget Asian countries where Islam is threatened.

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