Nine Al-Qaeda Militants Planning Terror Attacks Held In India

The nine suspects were picked up from West Bengal and Kerala on Saturday

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Ishita Chakraborty
Ishita Chakraborty
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INDIA. Nine Al- Qaeda militants were arrested by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) of India on Saturday. They were arrested from Murshidabad in West Bengal and Ernakulam in Kerala. The militants were planning a series of terror attacks across India.

The militants were also planning to go to Kashmir for delivery of weapons according to sources. The accused were raising funds for logistics required for the attacks.

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However, NIA arrested 3 militants from Kerala and 6 from West Bengal. They were planning a series of attacks at key installations across India. But they failed to execute their plans.

In addition to that, they were also planning to visit Delhi to obtain arms, ammunition and explosives. A large number of illegal materials were seized by the NIA. Some of the incriminating materials included digital devices,country-made weapons, sharp weapons and jihadi literature.

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It is believed that the module of Al- Qaeda was supported by Pakistan. Their main motive was to plan and execute terror attacks in India. However, the terrorists were captured from regions of West Bengal and Kerala. The militants’ Murshid Hasa, Mosaraf Hossein and Iyakub Biswas were arrested from Kerala. Najmus Sakib, Leu Yean Ahmed, Atitur Rehman, Mainul Mondal and Al Mamun Kamal were nabbed from West Bengal.

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But, all the accused are natives of West Bengal. Previously, NIA had registered a case on 11 September. The case was registered after getting information about an active inter-state module of Al-Qaeda operatives who were planning a conspiracy.

NIA conducted simultaneous raids at several locations at Murshidabad and Ernakulum early Saturday morning. From there, nine terrorists were arrested and their plans for carrying out the terror attacks were foiled.

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