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Nine Year Old Aarushi Budhaner Creates Apple Pencil From Clay

Aarushi Budhaner uses clay as a substitute for expensive technology

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UNITED STATES. New Jersey. Nine year old Aarushi Budhaner received a package of school supplies for the 2020-21 school year. This package contained some fun science materials including clay. As many kids are, Aarushi was drawn to the clay and immediately began playing with it. 

At the same time she was playing with the clay, she had her mom’s iPad in front of her. In an interview with Transcontinental Times, Aarushi said that the clay had a nice texture and she enjoyed playing with it. As she stretched the clay out, it accidentally touched the iPad and clicked into a different app. 

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Aarushi was surprised that when the clay made contact with the iPad, it impacted the screen. Apple technology is meant to work with fingers and not much else. Even touch screen gloves do not always work. 

Compatible clay

iPads can work in conjunction with Apple Pencils but these cost approximately 130 USD. Many technology companies create certain add-ons that only work with other products that can be purchased through the company itself; Apple has done this with their iPads and Apple Pencils as well as many of their other devices. 

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Aarushi is not sure what kind of clay was in her science kit but she shaped it into a pencil and began using it to write, draw, and play games on the iPad. She wanted to share her discovery with others and had her parents take a video of her explaining and showing that the clay pencil was effective on the iPad. Presumably, this clay could also work technology such as smartphones, laptops, and other touch screen capable devices. 

Colorful covers

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In addition to Aarushi’s innovative technology skills, her school held a contest for the yearbook covers. Students were allowed to submit their art to be featured on the front or back cover of the school’s yearbook. Aarushi drew a rainbow and put her teacher’s names in the arcs of color. This rainbow stretched over the school’s mascot and the drawing was titled with the school’s name. Aarushi won the honor of having her drawing on the school yearbook’s back cover and received an award certificate to commemorate the accomplishment. 

Yearbook cover. Photo Credit: Swati Budhaner

When she is not creating technology or drawing works of art, Aarushi likes to play outside with friends and read. She said that she really enjoys being creative and helping others. By sharing her clay pencil idea and having her work displayed on the back cover of her yearbook, Aarushi is expressing her creativity and sharing it with the world.

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