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Noida Twin Towers Demolition: Residents Warned Over Fears of Respiratory Issues

Over 3,700 kg of explosives will be rendered useful in the demolition of the 100-metre tall structures

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INDIA. Uttar Pradesh. Noida: The illegal twin towers of Supertech- named Apex and Ceyane, located in the Noida City of Uttar Pradesh, will be razed to the ground in a mere 9 seconds using the ‘waterfall implosion technique’. 

Over 3,700 kg of explosives will be rendered useful in the demolition of the 100-metre tall structures. Preparation for the demolition took nearly 7 months, including 1 month of planning and 6 months of onsite preparations.

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The obliteration of two whole towers in the heart of Noida city is bound to create problems for those on the ground. Health experts have devised a few do’s and don’ts for the people in the neighbouring areas to combat the intense degree of smoke and dust that will emerge from the blast. 

Local residents have been encouraged to shut windows and doors tightly, plug in the air humidifiers at home, switch on air conditioners only after cleaning the filters, and keep inhalers and other necessary equipment nearby for patients with asthma or other lung ailments. 

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Hydration is critical at this point. One must drink water properly and wash their face with a clean cloth to avoid face and eye irritation.

The two important don’ts warned by health experts suggest residents must not open windows for a few days after the blast or dust with a dry cloth in the aftermath of the demolition.

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According to Dr. Mrinal Sircar, Head Pulmonology and Critical Care, Fortis Noida, while dust has no place to dissipate in underground mines and explosions, the Noida Twin Towers are in an open space, and various exhaust techniques will be used to effectively disperse the dust.

The dust and gases will get diluted in the air and will get dispersed. The experts who are involved in such big demolitions take care of all these things,” Dr Sircar said.

Moreover, the Noida Authority issued a health advisory urging people, especially children and older people, living close to the Supertech Twin Towers to apply face masks in the aftermath of the demolition as a precautionary measure.

Meanwhile, the twin towers are being stripped to the ground following a Supreme Court order in August 2021 that found their construction within the Emerald Court City premises in violation of norms. After much debate on the origin of the towers, the Supreme Court held that the towers were constructed illegally.

Supertech subsequently appealed to the court for review, which led to multiple hearings, many of which included concerns about the safety of Emerald Court’s residents. The decision was ultimately postponed but not overturned.

The court held that the Noida Authority and Supertech engaged in “nefarious complicity” and ordered the company to demolish the buildings at its own expense under the guidance of the Noida Authority.

Taking a jab at the Samajwadi Party government over the demolition of the towers, UP Deputy CM Brajesh Pathak posted his slander on Twitter, which wrote, “Supertech Twin Tower of Noida are living proof of SP’s policy of corruption and anarchy. Today, during the reign of CM Yogi Adityanath, this illegal building, symbolising the misdeeds of SP, is being grounded. This is justice, this is good governance. “

As the demolition countdown at 2.30 pm (IST) sharp is inching closer by the minute, residents are getting ready for the dusty aftermath. 

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