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Oral Symptoms Of COVID That May Go Unnoticed

The presence of the virus in the oral cavities and mouth tissues, scientists now feel contributes to a bigger transmission role for COVID-19.

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Divya Dhadd
Divya Dhadd

INDIA: The most common COVID symptoms as we know, is loss of smell and taste, which as per studies is reported in more than 60% of COVID positive cases. As we enter another year of the pandemic, researchers are learning the multitude of ways the virus wrecks havoc on the human body, impairing vital senses as well.

A study conducted by the National Institute of Health (NIH) says that nearly half of COVID victims suffer from oral symptoms during the course of the infection which may come up days prior to the other classic signs may go unnoticed.

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The NIH study also observed that the oral symptoms of COVID could also be seen in asymptomatic cases, or in mild cases, where no other signs of infection are exhibited. The presence of the virus in the mouth tissues and oral cavities, scientists now feel contributes to a bigger transmission role for COVID-19. It could also potentially add to the evidence that asymptomatic people could still greatly fuel the spread of the disease by talking or breathing or simply when they open their mouth.

Although oral manifestations of COVID-19 require a lot more research, here are some of the symptoms apart from the regular ones that experts feel could strike a patient in the early days.

Dryness and inflammation in the mouth

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Dry mouth syndrome is usually connected to a lot of viral infections, autoimmune disorders, and now, COVID-19 as well. A dry mouth means that the mouth is incapable of producing enough saliva to keep the mouth lubricated which aids digestion and protects the mouth from pathogens. Bad breath is also a common sign of dry mouth, it induces difficulties in chewing food and produces a burning sensation at the roof of your mouth.

The most typical sensation when you go through a viral infection like COVID-19 is widespread inflammation, as the virus attacks muscle fibers and organ linings one of the typical sensations you could experience is widespread inflammation, when the virus attacks muscle fibers, organ linings. This inflammation can show up in the form of lesions, painful bumps on the tongue and gum areas or ulcers, irritations, and allergies.

COVID tongue

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A virus-like SARS-COV-2 could definitely impact your tongue. It causes a burning sensation and inflammation on the surface of the tongue. Some doctors also agree that COVID tongue sensation could be linked to the skin rashes which have come to be associated with COVID-19.

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Another way in which COVID-19 could impact the oral cavities is by altering the color and texture of the tongue. Mouth swelling, irritation, and multiplication of the pathogen near your oral cavities can make your tongue feel weird.

It could also cause a change in the color of your tongue or lips. For example, unlike a normal, healthy pink tongue, white patches, unusual redness, or dark-colored tongue could be witnessed due to the virus.

However, changes in the mouth and tongue aren’t precise COVID-19 symptoms and differ from person to person. But with the changing behavior of the virus and a rise in cases, any symptoms and sudden, unusual symptoms need to be checked.


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