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Oscar Pistorius Possibly in Consideration for Early Release

The South African parole board is considering Pistorius' release from prison

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SOUTH AFRICA: Pistorius was given a 13-year prison term for killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp in 2013 and could be released in days if parole is granted. June Steenkamp is expected to speak out against parole.

The ex-amputee sprinter is currently housed at a low-security facility in Pretoria and recently had a “victim-offender conversation” with his father, Barry Steenkamp. 

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Steenkamp has expressed regret for killing his fiancée, Reeva Steenkamp, but has maintained that he shot her accidentally because he thought she was a thief.

Pistorius was found guilty of culpable homicide, but on appeal he was convicted of murder on the grounds that he knew his actions would lead to the death of whoever was on the other side. He has an arguable case for parole, but the Steenkamps could challenge it in court, delaying his release for many months.

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He was a violent, irrational man with a dangerous obsession for firearms who killed his girlfriend in a fit of rage. Mark West, a photographer who collaborated with Steenkamp, questioned the claim that an intruder was present.

Pistorius’ parole board will consider statements from Pistorius, the Steenkamps, social professionals, and prison authorities to determine how much he has been rehabilitated. They will also examine his behaviour, mental condition, and rehabilitation level. 

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If denied parole on his first attempt, Pistorius may go to court to argue that South African law requires that he be freed under supervision.

In the event of a review or appeal, this would most likely be at his uncle’s house in Pretoria.

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