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The One Man Orchestra: Google Doodle Celebrates “Oskar Sala” 112th Birthday 

Google remembers Oskar Sala for his immense contribution in the field of music

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GERMANY: The man of mixture-trautonium, “Oskar Sala”, was born on 18 July 1910. Google Doodle pays tribute to the supremely talented Sala on his 112th Birthday. Oskar was the man who introduced unique sounds to television, radio and movies.

Sala is “Recognized for producing sound effects on a musical instrument called a mixture-trautonium; Salas electrified the world of television, radio and film.” The electrifying music composer is a German physicist, too, born in Greiz, Germany. At 14, the master of music began composing songs for instruments like the violin and piano.

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Some of Sala’s famous movies are Rosemary (1959) and The Birds (1962). The ‘one man orchestra’ has developed his instrument and called it mixture-trautonium, creating electronic music that made a benchmark. The instrument makes noises like if a bird is crying or like a hammering and a door or window slams. In 1995, Oscar donated his authentic mixture-trautonium to the German Museum for Contemporary Technology.

Google doodle says, “When Sala first heard a device called the trautonium, he became fascinated by the tonal possibilities and the instrument’s technology.” “His efforts in electronic music opened the field of subharmonics. With his dedication and creative energy, he became a one-person orchestra. Happy birthday, Oskar Sala!”

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The famous German Physicist came from a musical background, his mother was a singer, and his father was an ophthalmologist with musical talent. He aimed to master the trautonium and develop it further.

He aspired to physics and composition at school and became a famous physician. Sala garnered several awards for his work, gave many interviews, met many artists and was honoured in radio broadcasts alongside movies. His efforts in electronic music opened the field of subharmonics.

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