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Partying Finnish PM Sanna Marin Cleared of Misconduct Charges in Leaked Video

She defended her right to enjoy her private time in social settings without the glare of media scrutiny

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FINLAND: Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin has been cleared of all misconduct deeds after a video of her dancing and partying with her friends in August took the world by storm.

The 36-year-old defended herself against internet trolls and the political community after being slammed for being seen dancing with her friends and other celebrities in the leaked footage.

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Following the outburst of the viral video, complaints poured in from all sides, alleging Marin’s behaviour was not befitting of a world leader and undermined Finland’s “reputation and security”.

While Marin garnered severe backlash from politicians and netizens alike, Chancellor of Justice Tuomas Poysti sided with the Finnish leader, concluding that she had not neglected her duties as a Prime Minister.

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There was “no reason to suspect the prime minister of unlawful conduct in the performance of her duties or of neglect of her official duties”, he said after an official inquiry.

Marin was subjected to a drug test “to clear up any doubts”, after some suggested that narcotics were being used in the video. She tested negative.

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Later, Marin had revealed that she was aghast that the video, which had been filmed on “private premises,” had been so publicly circulated and received such public hate for spending “an evening with friends”.

She defended her right to enjoy her private time in social settings without the glare of media scrutiny. “I am human. And I, too, sometimes long for joy, light, and fun amidst these dark clouds,” she told reporters.

Meanwhile, public outrage against Marin’s harsh criticism manifested online as many women showed solidarity with the Finnish PM by posting videos of themselves dancing on social media.

Marin thanked the US politician and former Presidential candidate Hilary Clinton for encouraging her to “keep dancing”.

Sanna Marin became a hot topic in global politics after she made her mark as the world’s youngest serving Prime Minister at the age of 34.

She has sailed Finland safely through turbulent times of turmoil and crisis, overseeing the country’s application to join NATO after increasing public support to become a strong antagonist along with Western allies against Russia in the Ukraine war.

The left-winger advocate of Finland’s welfare system is expected to join other world leaders at COP27 in Egypt next week.

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