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Pawan Kumar Is Back With Another Out-Of-The-Box Concept In The Telugu Film Industry

Amala Paul plays CI Durga Goud, a police officer who is suffering from a personal trauma that has caused her to become unhinged in the mystery

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Khushant Runghe
Khushant Runghe
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INDIA: Kudi Yedamaithe (If Right Becomes Left) is a nexus of time loop with the essence of thriller mystery. After his magnum opus entry with Lucia in 2013 which first aired on an Indian streaming service, this sci-fi thriller series is yet another gem in Pawan Kumar’s collection.

What if a delivery boy’s life takes an unusual turn, drawing him into a loop that is also being trailed by a female police officer? The stakes are high with a serial killer who is constantly one step ahead of the law, only one question remains whether or not the killer will be apprehended.
The mind-boggling notion will take viewers on a rollercoaster trip of what to expect next. In the world established by Pawan Kumar and Ram Vignesh, where each character’s decision determines the fate that their loved ones will share.

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Amala Paul plays CI Durga Goud, a police officer who is suffering from a personal trauma that has caused her to become unhinged in the mystery. Her mission to put an end to the serial killings led her to Adhi (Rahul Vijay), a delivery boy who wanted to be an actor. Their lives were turned upside down when they discovered they were both trapped in a time loop. The plot centers around how they solve the serial murders, with a cold-blooded criminal on the loose. Will they ever be able to break free from the time loop?

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The series has numerous hidden aspects that collectively attempt to explain the series’ theme. This implies the series’ concept, which incorporates the online food delivery company RepEat. With a piece of captivating title music that insists on plot-related elements that make sense later in the series. The main reason for this is that when the story is told from the perspective of another character, it feels completely different. Even though the serial repeats the same event, it does not become tedious because each time a new detail is revealed.

Without any extradimensional subplots, the story sticks to the concept. Apart from that, it’s not like any other show these days that shows an unfinished tale in season 1 and then tries to prolong the storyline for the next season. This series distinguishes out from the rest since it begins with a slew of questions that are answered throughout the series, as well as hints at a season 2.

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It is both a technically and creatively accomplished series. It’s safe to assume that if Pawan Kumar sir is involved, something mind-blowing would be provided to the audience. It’s difficult to find any flaws in the series because it has so many great qualities in so many areas. Only CI Durga’s plot point feels slow to connect with the audience, but this is easily overlooked. This concludes with a must-watch series for sci-fi lovers.

Transcontinental Times rating: 4.7/5


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