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Wildlife Photographer Harshal Malvankar Talks about the Importance of Hobbies

Malvankar discusses his expertise in photographing wildlife and his keen interest in capturing memories

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Hrishita Chatterjee
Hrishita Chatterjee
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INDIA: In an exclusive interview with TCT, Wildlife photographer Harshal Malvankar talks about his hobbies and experience as a wildlife photographer and his keen interest in capturing memories and moments. 

Malvankar narrates his journey as a wildlife photographer

Although some photographers want to use their expertise to express stories or capture important events in history, others prefer to focus on the splendour of the world surrounding them, the beauty of the natural world, or to create abstract art. There are many ways to enjoy and be motivated by photography, irrespective of how you use it or which genres you prefer to picture. 

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Malvankar is a real estate head in the leading corporate MNC (Siemens Limited India). As the head of the real estate division for the Siemens software industry in India, his professional compass includes managing real estate operations with regard to the Siemens software division of India.

From a very young age, Malvankar has been impressed by the great potential of wildlife. He started one of India’s unique and first platforms dedicated to Safari sharing in India, which many Indian wildlife photographers suggested. 

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He invariably desired to strike a perfect balance between his corporate life and his hobby as a wildlife photographer, unlike those who put a lot of time and effort into catering to their corporate jobs.

According to Malvankar, many people support him while he pursues his passion. He says, “My family, coworkers and office management is very cooperative and supportive for me to follow my passion beyond my professional commitments.” 

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Malvankar has a lot of national and international recognition and publications in his 15 years as a wildlife photographer. Some of his publications are the Government of Maharashtra’s coffee table book that contains a note from Maharashtra’s chief minister on his image. 

He has been motivated to pursue a passion for photography since birth. He started travelling to jungles in India in 2006 and was simply bewitched by the endless possibilities wildlife provides. His family and his office management received his prime mode of encouragement.

Malvankar’s passion motivates him to plan his travel well in advance, with travelling over weekends. He also is aware of the physical strain that comes with planning new things. He states, “It’s not as easy as it sounds since covering the plan over the weekend takes a lot of physical effort.”

He mentions how it becomes too overwhelming to travel late in the night on flights on Friday and return home on Monday, and run to the office without a moment of respite. He adds, “Only strong passion towards wildlife is driving to do this extra mile.” 

His first lesson in the corporate arena was about the “survival of the fittest”, which is true to wildlife as well. In order to be fit mentally and physically is imperative in certain situations in life. He elucidates that he has his aspirations and will endeavour to strive hard to attain those, just like how wildcats have their vision and goals grounded as well.

His principle, “I will follow my passion”, motivates him perpetually. He says, “Just like wild cats, if they fail, then they just re-strategies things and go.” 

In his final message to the readers, Malvankar says that having a hobby with the magnificent potential to de-stress and provide energy to the soul is significant. He says, “There is an unreasonable struggle to prove yourself better than others, and in that stress, people just forget their personal space and time.”

He adds that people do not prioritise themselves, which causes many health issues, depression and divorces. Having hobbies creates a balance in life, as Malvankar highlights, “When you have a hobby, people start recognising you for it.”

He infers, “Having hobbies can make one focus on output in the office so that you get enough time on weekends for yourself. This helps as a stress buster.” 

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