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Playstation Showcase: Hysteria Of Fans Over PS Exclusive Games

Insomniac is returning with the sequel to the previous Marvel game, which redefined the wall-crawler video game universe

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Khushant Runghe
Khushant Runghe
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INDIA: On its live event, the PlayStation showcase went off with a bang. From Project Eve to God of War Ragnarok, every game was a challenging experience. However, among all of the games, some were the most anticipated, with fans anticipating a thrilling trip.
So, here are the titles that dominated the PlayStation showcase:-

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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (Remake)

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A relaxing Star Wars background score and the fearsome Sith Darth Raven emerging from the shadows indicated it was the remake of an old nostalgic Star Wars game.

There was a fan favorite Star War universe of the video games before the Electronic Arts era of microtransactions. From the Clone Troopers to the Sith Lords, these titles delve deeper into Star Wars history. Games based on the Star Wars franchise have a long history of being nostalgic. The new EA Star Wars games were not well embraced by fans. This is the finest opportunity to rekindle interest in the Star Wars games.

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Marvel’s Wolverine

It appears like Insomniac is back after a surprising sneak peeks of the most popular Marvel character in the video game genre. X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which was published in 2009, was also a fan favorite and filled with R-rated adventure of Wolverine, although no additional Wolverine games were announced after that.

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The sneak peek was done in the style of James Mangold’s Logan (2017). Where the thrill of video game lovers is not limited to the famed Wolverine Adamantium claws. The gameplay style, like the prior game, must be R-rated.

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Photo Credit: Instagram

Marvel’s Spiderman 2

Insomniac is returning with the sequel to the previous Marvel game, which redefined the wall-crawler video game universe. It appears that Insomniac is working on its own Marvel video game universe.
The clip showed Peter Parker and Miles Morales confronting some unidentified thugs. The iconic voice clings to the gloom of the valley, which was enough to indicate that it was the fabled symbiotic character Venom.

Photo Credit: Instagram

God Of War: Ragnarok

The much-anticipated game, which most PlayStation fans were eagerly anticipating even a brief peek of. But when it became a full-fledged trailer, the excitement skyrocketed. Giving the ghost of Sparta’s realm enough room for fan theories, speculations, and other such items.
The clip begins with Bear McCreary’s notorious God of War 2018 official soundtrack. Which includes Kratos sitting in front of a bonfire, later joined by an adolescent Atreus, who appears to be mature enough to hunt on his own in the wintry Norse realm. And revealing enough of its lore expansion from the frozen Lake of Nine to Tyre, which was enough to pique the fans’ interest.


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