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‘Bhrashtachari Bachao Abhiyan’: PM Modi Slams Opposition over False Accusations against BJP

PM Modi recently inaugurated the newly constructed BJP central office

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INDIA: Prime Minister Narendra Modi took a fresh jab at the opposition, which is deeply penetrated by corruption. PM recently inaugurated the newly constructed BJP central office (extension) in the national capital, where he delivered a speech.

In his media address, he said, “Our constitutional institutions are a solid foundation for us. Constitutional institutions are being assaulted in order to stop India. There are plots afoot to discredit our institutions and undermine their legitimacy.”

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Prime Minister called BJP the only “pan-India party” and accused the opposition and “anti-India forces” of intentionally targeting and “tampering” with constitutional authorities and institutions. Moreover, PM acknowledged that all corrupt faces are coming together at one junction and that the BJP is waging a war against corruption.

He said, “The progress of India is being halted by targeting and defaming our constitutional institutions, which serve as our basic foundation. Plans are being developed to undermine the legitimacy of our institutions.”

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“To stop India, this foundation is currently under attack. The agencies come under attack when they pursue legal action against corrupt individuals. The court is challenged after rendering a ruling. A campaign to save the corrupt has been initiated by a number of parties,” he added further.

In the early past, the BJP MPs came under one roof at the parliamentary party meeting, where PM directly hit his counterparties for being nervous amid the BJP’s great victory in the recent assembly elections in the North-East states and Gujarat.

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He said, “We are seeing that some parties have also started Bhrashtachari Bachao Abhiyan. Today, all the faces who are indulging in corruption are coming together at one stage. The whole country is watching this and understanding this.”

PM Modi lashed out at the opposition for targeting Indian media, saying, “BJP has reached here not by the glare of newspapers and TV screens, but by working on the ground for the downtrodden-exploited, villages and the poor. The country has suffered severe harm from corruption, much like termites.”

“Every time the BJP takes office, corruption suffers a significant setback. The corrupt are being targeted by such a move for the first time in seven decades. Some people become offended and irate as a result of our conduct. Yet despite their (the opposition’s) unfounded accusations, the fight against corruption won’t be stopped,” he added.

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