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Polar Bears Live On the Edge Of The Climate Change Crisis

This magnificently beautiful animal is certified as vulnerable to extinction by the International Union for Conservation of Nature

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INDIA: Master of their own environment, polar bears domineer the arctic ice stratum. The species perch at the top of the food chain and therefore are considered strong predators. These white and pleasant-looking animals are also sturdy swimmers. With giant and webbed front paws used to paddle, they dwell in the coastal waters of the Arctic. Consequently, polar bears have thrived in the world’s coldest environments since forever.

February 27 is celebrated as International Polar Bear Day. International Polar Bear Day raises awareness on the issues faced by polar bears. This magnificently beautiful animal is certified as vulnerable to extinction by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Spirit Animal: Polar Bear Symbolism

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The staunch Arctic adaptations of polar bears succor the life of the giant snowy creatures. Moreover, the stark white coat visible on the facade is rather a tool to abide by the environment. It covers the black skin that soaks up the warmness of the sun.

Polar bears have never been dethroned of their stature. Fearless and unbothered by the living creatures around them, they centralize their own survival. Furthermore, the fur grows on the bottom of its paws that provides a better grip on the ice and cushion from the cold sheets.

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People with polar bears as their totem are believed to be strong yet powerful. Kindred with the animal’s aggressive parenting, they have their own aggressive yet playful side. The authentic lifestyle of the species influences people’s traits majorly who believe polar bears as their spirit animal.

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The polar bear as a totem highlights the major defensive qualities of a person. It is also believed that the appearance of a polar bear in a dream is the reason for jollification. Interestingly so, it signifies the person and his recently acquired power to never give in to problems or bow down to negativity.

The animal’s capability to thrive in the bitter cold environment too reflects on the person and his aptness to thrive in circumstances hostile for others. It divides and guides to move between the living and the spirit world.


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