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Regardless of Their Parental Background and Economic Situation, Indian Youth Must Acquire Knowledge, Says PSI Arvindkumar Jagne

Arvind's life was so warped with suffering that he used to labor in a welding shop for two times of bread and butter

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Khushant Runghe
Khushant Runghe
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INDIA: The latest episode of Transcontinental Times’ 360° Live Talk Show featured Arvindkumar Jagne, PSI from Bhandara district in Maharashtra India. He is the one who is committed to the law, and he oozes a nobility that infests his image. His narrative might serve as motivation for today’s generation of keyboard warriors.

Ambitions, adversity, and proper guidance played a significant role in Arvind’s life

Arvind’s dream was to accomplish something big, just like any child’s dream. His life was so warped with suffering that he used to labor in a welding shop for two times of bread and butter, sometimes he even played drums and trumpets at weddings. He completed his schooling by overcoming all obstacles.

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“After finishing my 12th class, I became the only one out of my friends to achieve such a high degree of education.” So, when I used to live in slums, completing 12th was a great accomplishment for everyone. ‘My friends and their families used to treat me with a great deal of respect,’ he added.

Adolescence is a fragile jar of a glass that demands tenderness to handle; if touched incorrectly, it will shatter into pieces. Arvind’s upbringing in the slums, where drunkenness and drug abuse were rampant, was nearly identical. On top of that, every child had a feverish desire to become a gangster. In such conditions, he strayed from his studies and engaged in some risky behavior. Shri Sanjay Bhau Kundamare appeared in his life at that moment as a path provider.

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“He mentored me in my carrier, as well as motivated me,” Arvind says of his mentor and life experience. “I used to run early in the morning to prepare for police exams, and people in my neighborhood used to laugh at me, questioning what he’d do with such activities. Nobody believed that I could get a government job. When I was recruited to the police department in 2008, everyone was surprised.”

Dialect acted as a slighter hindrance

Sharing his work experience, Arvind confesses his issues, alleging that his behavior had a key role. “There was a considerable variation in the Marathi spoken in Bhandara and Pune and my seniors used to think I was arrogant owing to it,” he admits.

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2011 marked a watershed moment in Arvind’s life. During his tenure in Bhandara, he deduced a great deal about the crime federation. Drugs were a larger part of degrading the society at that time, spreading their roots deep, students and young people were the most afflicted. It could be stated that a big portion of the surrounding population was addicted to drugs.

“We formed a team to deal with such crimes. We worked hard on bursting the rackets. We also carried out the concealing for drug addicts. With a lot of effort, we controlled the influences of the drug in the surroundings,” Arvind explicitly says, referring to drug issues. Now I can gladly state that Bhandara is currently a drug-free district.”

The lockdown in Arvind’s career landed with a sudden stunner in the hardest endeavor. The same can be expressed for the general populace. In summarizing his mission, he states clearly that it was a major task for citizens as well as for the police department. People who used to be able to wander about freely were instructed to stay at home and follow the lockdown restrictions. As a result, we had to explain to them the significance of the restriction, which was a difficult effort for us.

Addressing the youth, Arvind gives a brisk message to students, stating, “Every day, you must acquire knowledge regardless of your family background or economic situation.” Never give up hope in the face of adversity. Aim for the moon if you want to climb Everest. If you set a lofty goal for yourself, you will undoubtedly succeed in life. If you want to pass the IPS exam, you’ll have no trouble passing PSI.

Watch the whole interview here:

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