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Pulwama Martyrs Widows Protests: CM Gehlot Slams BJP for Protest in Rajasthan

Martyres' wives claimed that police assaulted them while they demanded to meet CM Gehlot

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INDIA: The ongoing protest of the Pulwama martyrs widows took the shape of a heated political controversy amid the six-day hunger strike that came to an end.

The wives of the Pulwama martyred Bravehearts held a protest against the ruling government of Rajasthan, seeking government jobs for their children and relatives based on compensation. Besides this, they are demanding the construction of roads and the installation of statues of soldiers in their villages.

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The widows have been holding protests since February 28. They further upped the ante and went on hunger strike outside Congress leader and former Rajasthan deputy chief minister Sachin Pilot’s house, as per reports.

They were removed from outside the residence and shifted to hospitals near their respective residential areas, whereas their supporters were taken to a police station in Jaipur.

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However, CM Ashok Gehlot, in a big statement, held the saffron party responsible for “misleading people” and “maligning the image of Rajasthan”.

The widows of Pulwama martyrs Rohitash Lamba, Hemraj Meena, and Jeetram Gurjar have been sitting on a protest held by BJP MP Kirodi Lal Meena. The ladies also claimed that police assaulted them while they demanded to meet CM Gehlot.

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BJP MP Meena has accused the police of “trying to kill him”. He is being held by police, and some videos are surfacing over the internet showing him lying in a hospital bed and looking visibly injured.

CM Gehlot said, “After four years, why are they still looking for work? The incident occurred in 2019, but there was no demand at the time. Four years later, the matter is suddenly brought up. They (BJP leaders) are leading the populace misguided and defaming Rajasthan.”

CM further said, “If they (BJP leaders) carry on acting in this way, the public will respond to them appropriately. We are providing families of martyrs with a nice package. How can they seek employment for anyone besides the children?”

According to the Chief Minister of Rajasthan, “The kind of package offered by the Rajasthan government to the war widows, whether they be from the Pulwama, Balakot, or Kargil, does not exist anywhere in the country.”

Moreover, the martyrs’ families are compensated with land and housing. Educational bodies are named after martyrs, and jobs are reserved for their children.

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