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Quebec: Tides Result in the Death of a Man and Four Children

The fatalities were described as a “tragedy” by Marilene Gill, a member of parliament

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CANADA: Four children and a father were killed in Canada when they were trapped in the tide while capelin fishing on the St. Lawrence River in the Portneuf-sur-Mer region. The occurrence took place in Canada’s Quebec Province’s Côte-Nord region, which makes up most of the Saint Lawrence River’s northern shore.

Six other people were saved, and emergency services were called to the area around two in the morning on Saturday. Capelin is a small forage fish that breeds at night on the beach in the spring and summer.

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The fatalities were described as a “tragedy” by Marilène Gill, a member of parliament who represents a portion of Quebec. She posted on Twitter, saying, “My mother’s heart is with you, and my whole team is available.”

Four young people, all over 10 years old, were discovered unconscious and sent to a community health centre, where a doctor ruled them dead. The 30-year-old man was found on Saturday night and confirmed to have passed away at a hospital.

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Divers from the provincial police service, officers on boats and all-terrain vehicles, members of the Canadian military, and a Coast Guard helicopter all contributed to the search for the guy in the river and on the shore. Low tide causes the water to recede by up to half a mile, making it difficult to reach land when the water rises.

Kateri Champagne Jourdain, a member of the Quebec National Assembly, expressed her support for the mayor of the municipality and referred to the fatalities as a “terrible drama”

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The exact cause of the group being carried away by the tide was not immediately apparent, but authorities are still looking into the incident.

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