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Thursday, June 8, 2023

Rahul Gandhi Interacts with Journalists in UK, Talks about ‘Suppression of Voice’

Rahul Gandhi compared his Bharat Jodo Yatra with BJP’s Rath Yatra

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UNITED KINGDOM: Congress MP Rahul Gandhi, who made his way to London for a political visit recently, had an interaction with UK journalists. He talked about the BBC PM Modi documentary, George Soros and Adani.

The Congress MP said that he is least interested in George Soros’ view, as he has his own way of looking at each matter related to India.

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Rahul Gandhi said, “I can see that Adani is rewarded across the board. I can see he is allowed to dominate industries. We don’t need George Soros to tell us that.”

Taking a jab at BJP, he highlighted the entire BBC incident and called it a suppression of voice.

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Rahul Gandhi was asked to express his viewpoint on the controversial Adani row. He said, “There is an explanation for everything; everywhere there is opposition. The Yatra was intended to be an expression of speech because voices are being suppressed all around the nation. Among them is the BBC. BBC is but one component of it.”

“That has been ongoing in India for the past nine years without interruption, yet the BBC has only now learned about it. Threats and assaults are directed at journalists. It fits into a pattern,” he added.

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“I’m not expecting anything different, I suppose. Everything will return to normal if the BBC stops publishing articles critical of the government. This is India’s newest concept. The BJP wants India to keep quiet,” he continued further.

The renowned politician recently accomplished his brainchild movement, “Bharat Jodo Yatra” (Unite India March). He compared his Yatra with BJP’s Rath Yatra. According to Congress MP, BJP’s Yatra symbolises dominance where a chariot is controlled by a ruler and his Yatra portrayed an embrace of brotherhood among states.

Rahul Gandhi outlined, “It became necessary because the structure of democracy is under brutal attack, and we were finding it very difficult to put our voice and the voice of the people through normal channels.”

Further, Rahul was significantly asked about his take on billionaire George Soros, who said the Adani issue will “significantly weaken Modi’s stranglehold…and push for much-needed institutional reforms”.

Rahul Gandhi added, “George Soros may have a point of view. That viewpoint does not interest me. I can actually see what’s happening in India. I can see that in just 3 years,  Adani has risen from being the 609th richest guy to the 2nd richest man. He appears to receive rewards on a consistent basis.”

“I see that he is permitted to control entire industries. We do not require George Soros to inform us of this. That is clearly happening, as we can see. Also, he enjoys a strong bond with the prime minister, “ he concluded.

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