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Raksha Bandhan 2022: Hindu Mythological Significance of This Day

The term “Raksha” means to protect, and “Bandhan” refers to the pure bond between siblings

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INDIA: Raksha Bandhan marks the bond of love between a brother and a sister. This day comes each year in August on ‘Shravan Purnima’ and is celebrated widely across the country. On this auspicious day, every sister ties a thread on their brother’s hand and applies tilak on their brother’s forehead complementing it with some sweets and dry fruits. The thread is called Rakhi, which reflects the purity of their relationship.

The term “Raksha” means to protect, and “Bandhan” refers to the bond between siblings. Typically, brothers promise to guide their sisters and protect them from harm. The association of a brother-sister is considered the purest form of a relationship: they fight, laugh and live each moment of their life together. 

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A sister owes a gift from his brother in exchange for tying Rakhi on his wrist, whereas a brother is bound to fulfil the wish. This year the auspicious festival falls on 11th August, and the tithi will resume from 10:38 am till 07:05 am on the next day. Raksha Bandhan has a deep Hindu mythological significance as Lord Krishna himself unfolds the holy story related to this festival. 

Lord Krishna’s narration to Yudhishthira over the noteworthy Raksha Bandhan festival 

Long ago, the war between the Demigods and Devils continued for 12 long years. The war concluded with the defeat of God Indra, the king of God. His defeat made him very disappointed and disheartened, so he went off to Amravati, the capital city of heaven.

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The winner of the battle, the Devil, takes possession of all three worlds: heaven, earth and the underworld. The devils even restricted the humans from performing “Yagya”, which gradually decreased the powers of God. This made Indra worried, so he went to his Guru ‘Brihaspati’ seeking a way out, to bring the world into the light of knowledge. 

Guru Brihaspati is also the power head of all gods. He suggested Indra get a Rakhi tied on his wrist while reciting a Vedic hymn on the morning of Shravan Purnima. He agreed to what his teacher said and tied a Rakhi from Indrani, his wife.

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Indrani prayed to Lord Vishnu and received a holy thread from him, which she tied around Indra’s wrist. Later, she sends Indra to the war field, wishing him victory over the evil powers. This auspicious Rakhi made Indra win the war, and the thread became his protection shield. 

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