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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Rashmika Mandanna Reacts to Dating Rumours with Vijay Deverakonda

Mandanna brushed off all fuss and denied all floating chaos regarding her personal life

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INDIA: National crush Rashmika Mandanna is one most celebrated actors in the film industry alongside Vijay Deverakonda. Both the actors are a delight to watch on screen having said that, both the sweethearts have huge fan followings across the country.

However, Netizens manifest both the supremely talented powerhouse of talent to date each other and many times rumours have rifted, that they are dating each other. Recently, Mandanna brushed off all fuss and denied all floating chaos regarding her personal life.

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The Sita Raman actor came on record to say, both of them aren’t dating and went on reacting, “It is all so cute no. I am like Aiyoo babu. It is so cute.” In an interview when she was asked whether these are only rumoured the actor said, “Yeah. See Vijay and I have done so much work together, too early in our career.”

She further said, “When we don’t know how the industry is, and suddenly we work with like-minded people, you sort of becoming friends, and you have a lot of common friends. I have this gang in Hyderabad, he has this gang in Hyderabad. And we have a lot of mutual friends. It’s like that. It’s so cute when the whole world is like ‘Rashmika and Vijay, that’s cute.”

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Both the actors are newbies to the acting industry and have introduced themselves to the world purely through their talent and hard work. The Geetha Govindham starrers decided to make their debut in the Bollywood industry in 2022.

Meanwhile, Vijay did it a little early with the movie Liger, which was released at theatres in August 2022. Rashmika is currently engaged in promoting her film Goodbye, her first debut in the Bollywood industry. Goodbye is marked to release on October 7.  

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When asked about working with Vijay, Rashmika said, “I have to work with him soon. If there’s a story for us then we should do it. It’s going to be fun. We are good actors, we won’t disappoint the directors.”

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