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Reach Out to Deprived, OBC Muslims: PM Modi

He urged party members to engage with the underprivileged groups in all areas, particularly Pasmanda (OBC Muslims)

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INDIA: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has instructed party members to embark on “sneh yatras” to foster love and harmony amongst various societal groups.

Additionally, he urged party members to engage with the underprivileged groups in all areas, particularly Pasmanda (OBC Muslims), who have been marginalised in their neighborhood’s issues.

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This was the BJP’s first gathering following the killings in Rajasthan and Maharashtra over remarks made by suspended party leader Nupur Sharma, but the PM made no mention of the horrifying acts that have angered the party’s base in his address to the executive or later at the public meeting.

The two-day executive meeting’s main agenda items were taking an inventory of its organizational activities and praising the Modi administration for its economic policies and general leadership, albeit there was a brief mention of the beheaded Udaipur tailor Kanhaiya Lal.

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The PM continued to criticise “family outfits,” which has been the BJP’s main platform for its campaign against Telangana CM K Chandrashekhar Rao. He claimed that “family outfits” dominance in various regions of the nation is waning.

However, Modi warned his audience to avoid repeating the same mistakes by trying to learn from the failure of their opponents rather than making light of their situation.

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“The terminal decline of a few political parties should not be the cause for mirth and humour,” the PM said in his one-hour address, apparently a reference to Congress.

Modi recalled his 2016 speech at the Prayagraj national executive, in which he had advised party members to live by the four mantras of “seva” (service), “santulan” (balance in outlook), “samanvay” (coordination), and “samvad” (dialogue), and suggested that they examine their own behaviour ever since the party had governed the country at the federal level.

Every good thing in the nation, according to Modi, belongs to every Indian, and the BJP upholds this tenet. That is why it honours all former prime ministers through a museum and recognises individuals like Patel, a stalwart of Congress.

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